Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

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Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat is one of the most popular social networking apps based on voice chatting, audio discussions, and exchanging experiences between participants in audio rooms, as registering to the app requires receiving an invitation from a friend.

The good
Have a group voice chat.
Receive an invitation from a friend to register in the app.
Creating discussion rooms and exchanging experiences, especially for entrepreneurs.
Selecting the user's interests and favorite topics in advance.
Display audio rooms according to the user's interests and inclinations.
Easily send registration invitations to friends.
Linking the account to other social network accounts.
Listening to discussion sessions with celebrities.
Automatically delete voice chats when room discussion ends.
Chats can be listened to while using other app.
The bad
Problems in security and encryption.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Clubhouse is one of the most famous social networking apps that rely entirely on voice chat among the participants to exchange experiences or have fun among themselves. It requires the user to have an invitation from a friend to register to the app and then specify his interests, inclinations, and topics that he is interested in. So that the app can connect to the latest discussion rooms in his field of interest, as the app has become a forum for many entrepreneurs and technology leaders around the world.

Signing up and registering 

Registration requires receiving an invitation from a friend, and then you can enter the app's interface, which requires specifying the phone number, user name, and name, selecting a personal photo, as well as choosing the user's circle of interests in order to display the most appropriate topics for him later.

Setting user's profile

When you click on the profile icon, your personal data and photo can be modified and your Twitter and Instagram accounts can also be added to your profile. A user-identifying text "Bio" can also be inserted, and the date of registration to the app and the name of the user who invited you are displayed.

Viewing audio rooms 

In the main app interface, the latest audio discussion rooms that fall into the area of interest the user selected are displayed. Alerts are displayed when voice chatting begins in the rooms with the aim of joining and participating. You can also click on the notification icon at the top of the app to follow up on the activities of friends on the app.

Listening and sharing in The Audio Rooms

When you click on one of the audio rooms, you can display and listen to the participants in the discussion. You can also add a comment or an alert during the discussion or share the room and invite a friend to participate as well. It is also possible to leave the room by simply clicking on the “leave” icon and returning later, and when the discussion ends, the voice chat is automatically deleted in the app.

Sending an invitation to your friends

Through the Send Invitationsicon that is available at the top of the app, the user can select specific contacts and then send the invitation easily, as the number of invitations varies from time to time. There are currently eight invitations available (at the time of writing this review), which is more than before.

Creating Audio Chat Room

Through the Create Room icon at the bottom of the app, the user can create a room and once you click on it, you need to select the topic of discussion and the level of privacy of the room, closed or public, and then start the room, add participants, start audio broadcasts, discussion and share friends. Upon closing the room, the content of the voice chat will be deleted automatically.

To share experiences, discuss with others, and have fun in audio rooms, download Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat 24.05.02 from Downzen by clicking the download button on the page.

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