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Download the latest version of Facebook for iPhone, the free social media app. This makes it easy to interact with your Facebook network. Notifications will become an integral part of your device, and viewing your feed becomes seamless.

The good
Simple and easy to use UI.
Seamless integration with iPhone and iPad.
Play online games with friends.
The bad
Facebook has many privacy concerns.
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Ammar Kurd
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It is safe to say that Facebook is the largest social media network nowadays and it is truly one of the best in the biz, to the extent of shaping world events!

The app is a true social media platform that enables users to share content and interact with their friends and family. All the functionalities of the web-based version of Facebook are available in the app but are more suited for the iPhone experience.

How to sign up for Facebook

Install the app by clicking the download button above. Tap on the Facebook icon to open the app, then sign up by providing your name, last name, date of birth and your email or phone number.

Facebook app tabs

The app has four different tabs:


From here you can change your profile and cover pictures, edit personal information and see your friends list where you can add, remove or block friends.


In this tab, you can see the activities of your friends and pages you follow.


Alerts about all the interactions with your posts, comments, and shares are found here.


All the account and privacy settings can be accessed here.

Facebook app for iPhone features

  • The best way to interact with Facebook on iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Simple and easy to use UI.
  • Seamless integration with iPhone and iPad, especially notifications.
  • Play Facebook games with friends.
  • Easily import contacts and integrate with Instagram.

Download the latest version of Facebook 462.0.0 for iPhone and iPad devices right here in Downzen, just click the download button above and follow the instructions.

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