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ALLPlayer plays most audio and video formats, you can listen to music, radios and watch videos in a better way, and use the tools of subtitles and video editing.

The good
Searches online for subtitles.
Playback of various online radio stations.
Protects some private videos with a password.
The bad
Many additional programs are installed with the program.
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Audio and video playback software

On the computer, there are a lot of media playback programs, all of which offer various options for media playback, one of which is the amazing ALLPlayer which is fast and light on the system.

How the program works

ALLPlayer supports playback of all known video and audio formats, and places great emphasis on playback speed and smooth performance, in addition to making it easy to control the display of subtitles on movies while watching.

Installing the software on Windows

After downloading ALLPlayer for PC, you can start installing it, with simple steps without any complications, the program works on all versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

A nice user interface

The user interface is designed to look elegant and simple, the main control buttons appear to control playback, subtitles, equalizer, etc. When playing the video all the buttons are hidden and only the video is displayed.

Watching videos through the program

ALLPlayer is suitable for watching videos because it pays attention to small details that make watching videos easier, such as previewing the image in the video, hiding buttons, and many more features.

Add subtitles and customize their display

The program supports adding subtitles to the video in several ways, such as choosing the subtitle file from the local computer, or searching online for the appropriate subtitle, after which the user can control the location and style of the subtitles on the screen.

Quick playlist display

From the program's interface, you can access the playlist, which includes a list of videos selected according to your desire, and this makes it easy to open your favorite videos in a quick way.

Listen to Internet radio stations

In addition to watching videos, ALLPlayer supports listening to radio stations, which are a group of stations from around the world that are played over the Internet to listen to music, shows, and more.

Video parental control

A nice feature that helps secure some videos with a password, all you have to do is press the F10 button and enter a special password, and you will be prompted for the password every time you open the same video.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using the keyboard shortcuts, the user can control the video playback, there are many quick shortcuts to perform several commands such as:

Full-screen viewF
Play next videoN
Minimize videoZ

ALLPlayer Features

  • Efficiently plays all video and audio formats.
  • A free program with an elegant user interface that is easy to use.
  • Adds subtitles to the video from the local computer or from the Internet.
  • Manually adjust the brightness, contrast and colors of the video.
  • Supports listening to various Internet radio stations.
  • Quick access to the playlist from the program interface.
  • Parental control feature to lock videos with password.
  • Many keyboard shortcuts to control video playback.

You can get the program to play all video formats in high-quality, Download ALLPlayer 8.9.3 in its latest version from Downzenfor free from the download section of the page. 

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