EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

Free partitioning software

Partition Magic

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Free Windows partition software that helps you create, resize, clone, move, merge, and format partitions. designed for everyone to manage partitions in Windows without data loss: beginners and experts alike.

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

Manage Disk Space For Free

Resize/Move Partition

You can flexibly adjust partition size by sliding the partition left and right or enter the exact partition size you want. No data loss risk.

Clone Disk

Clone an entire disk to another even the destination partition is smaller than the source.

Merge Partitions

Solve low disk space issues by merging small partitions into a large partition.

Create/Format/Delete Partition

Format your HDD, SSD, USB, memory card, SD card or delete a partition to make it available for reuse.

Wipe Data

Completely wipe out all the data on hard disk permanently to save all confidential & sensitive data.

Disk/Partition Conversion

Convert a logical partition to primary or primary partition to logical, FAT to NTFS partition, MBR disk to GPT, or GPT disk to MBR.

Deliver More Reliability

SSD 4K Alignment

Correctly align partitions on SSDs to maximize PC performance.

Check Partitions

Check for errors on selected partitions and fix it.

Change Partition Label

Change the label of a partition or a drive letter for improved data organization.

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