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jEdit is a powerful text editor, which can work on multiple text files at the same time. Edit texts neatly in numbered rows, and get more add-ons to extend its capabilities.

The good
Split-screen for multiple documents.
Numbered lines.
Dozens of add-ons to extend functionality.
The bad
The arrangement of the split-screen might confuse the user.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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jEdit the great text editor

Editing texts on the computer is prevalent, whether for taking notes or writing codes. jEdit makes editing texts a breeze, as it is easy and provides rich capabilities.

  • Easy user interface

    The program interface is neat and easy to deal with, and it consists of a top bar that includes many different buttons, and on the side, there is a special section for browsing files, while the largest area of the interface is dedicated to editing texts.
  • Supports different operating systems

    jEdit is designed in Java language, which makes it cross-platform.


Running jEdit requires the latest version of Java Runtime to be installed on the machine, which is a prerequisite for the program to run.

Dealing with multiple documents at the same time

One of the great features of jEdit is that it supports opening multiple documents at the same time, and the user doesn't need to close the current document to start a new one, and this helps in managing documents more efficiently.

  • Saving and opening files

    At any time, a new document can be created alongside other documents, or an existing document can be opened, with support for various document formats such as text files, HTML files, CSV, etc.
  • Sort documents next to each other

    Supports splitting the interface to include many files together, the user can split lengthwise or crosswise as desired for an unlimited number of documents.

Text editing methods

The main function of jEdit is to edit texts, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the features provided by the editor, which help you organize the text editing process in a wonderful way.

  • Handling lines

    The texts are edited in lines with consecutive numbers. Line numbering helps in accurately distinguishing places of errors, and also supports highlighting some important lines as needed.
  • Copy and Undo

    When errors occur, they can be Undone an unlimited number of times, and the program can save all in-program clipboard operations (editing history), keeping them, and using them at any time later.
  • Add-ons

    There are many add-ons in the program that can be installed, there are add-ons that help you write code such as HTML, CSS, and others, with codes highlighted to make it easier to read.

Features of jEdit

  • A free text editor with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Cross-platform, it works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Write texts neatly on numbered lines.
  • Code formatting and coloring for easy reading and review.
  • Supports dealing with more than one document at the same time.
  • Splits interface to include multiple documents.
  • Keeps copy history operations in a custom clipboard.
  • Undo changes an unlimited number of times.
  • File explorer to save or open documents.
  • Various add-ons to extend functionality.

You can download the latest version jEdit of the free text editor from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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