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PDF-XChange Editor

Manage and edit PDF documents

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PDF-XChange Editor is a PDF management and editing software with the best tools, highlight and color texts, add arrows and shapes to highlight elements, add signatures or images to your document with great ease, and browse pages for reading in great ways.

The good
Supports reading document pages in very impressive ways.
Adds notes, shapes, and many more elements to pages.
Dealing with texts with special and effective tools.
Converts PDF files to Office documents.
The bad
Does not keep open files in the interface when it is closed.
Most of the tools are not available for free.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Read and manage PDF files on the computer

PDFs are one of the most used types of document files, and they are relied upon in many different uses, whether you are a student, employee, or an ordinary user who will need to deal with PDF files, sometimes we may need to edit these files with some modifications.

Here comes the functionality of PDF-XChange Editor for PC, which enables you to make a lot of edits with great and easy-to-use tools.

Installing the program on Windows

First of all, download PDF-XChange Editor for PC, you will find a quick and direct link in the download section of the page, the installation file will be downloaded as a zip file, use any zip program to unzip such as WinRAR or 7-Zip and then install the program on Windows.

The installation steps are very simple like other software installation processes, you will find a shortcut to the program on your desktop.

Open multiple PDF documents at once

The program supports opening more than one PDF document at the same time, double-click in the interface to open Windows Explorer and choose the location of the document, or use the drag and drop feature to add files to the program and open them.

Multiple documents are displayed in tabs next to each other, so that it is easy to go from one file to another to see the content, and you can arrange the appearance of documents in the tabs manually according to your desire.

Editing and highlighting texts in documents

If you want to edit the texts in PDF files, there are many tools to do this, you can select and copy texts from the document to paste them elsewhere, or select some important texts and highlight them in yellow to speed up finding them later.

You can underline the texts that you have selected. The program also supports adding new texts on the pages of the document, and then formatting them, changing the font, color, size, alignment, and others.

Add different elements to PDF pages

In addition to adding new texts to pages, more elements can be added. These additions help many users to clarify and focus on some important points. We will mention some elements that can be added to the pages of a PDF document:

  • Short notes: To add some text notes to a part of the page, the notes appear in the form of an elegant icon without covering the text, and when you click on the icon, the note opens for reading.
  • Arrows and shapes: To clarify the important parts of the page by adding arrows, squares, and several other shapes, while coordinating these shapes in terms of size, color, transparency, and others.
  • Stamps: An impressive set of stamps to suit different needs such as Top Secret, Approved, Expired and others, which can be placed on the page and their transparency can also be adjusted.
  • Links and bookmarks: You can select any text and then make it act as a link to take you to a specific web page, in addition to saving the current page as a bookmark and renaming it for later reference.

Read PDF documents and browse pages 

Apart from editing PDF documents and adding elements to them, PDF-XChange Editor can be used to read documents only.

It can view document pages in many different ways, such as displaying one or two pages side by side, in addition to displaying pages in fullscreen mode to focus on reading only.

You can navigate between pages using mouse clicks or via the keyboard arrow keys. 

Convert PDF files to Office documents 

The process of converting between Office documents and PDF files will become easier with this program, as it can convert a PDF file to a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.

All you have to do is go to the File > Export menu and choose the desired output format, this feature is only available on the paid version, and when used in this free version, the name of the program will be added as copyrights on all pages.

Features of PDF-XChange Editor 

  • Manages and edits PDF files with many tools.
  • Opens multiple documents at the same time and views them in organized tabs.
  • Highlights texts in yellow or underlines them.
  • Adds small notes or arrows and shapes for clarification.
  • A wonderful set of stamps with many uses.
  • Supports reading documents by displaying pages in various ways.
  • Converts PDF files to Office documents of all kinds.

You can download the program to manage and edit PDF documents and read them with many tools and methods, PDF-XChange Editor in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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