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MediaMonkey is a full-featured media player and organizer that can manage 100,000+ music files without bogging down.

The good
Customizable user interface to your liking.
Browse the program sections in multiple tabs.
Converts between different audio file formats.
Updates audio meta details automatically from the Internet.
The bad
High RAM usage.
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Manage and browse music files on PC

Listening to music on the computer is very common, whether listening while working, relaxing or at any other time, and instead of accessing music files from many folders, there are certain programs that collect all the files from different folders and organize them in one place.

One of the most popular music players and organizers is MediaMonkey, which makes it easy for the user to organize music files and access favorite audio files in the fastest way possible.

MediaMonkey works on smartphones as well, and you can download the MediaMonkey app for Android and listen to music on your phone.

Add music folders to your audio library 

The first thing you need to do when you download the program is to create a music library, the library can include many folders located in several places on the computer.

All you have to do is browse the storage drivers and choose the folders that contain music, and the program will search within these folders for all the audio files to add them to the library automatically, with the ability to modify the audio library folders later.

Browse music and customize the program's interface

MediaMonkey offers you many options for browsing music files, and the program's interface can be customized to suit your own style.

On the left side, a list appears to display all the main sections, while on the right side a column appears to display the list of songs that are currently being played.

The largest area in the interface is dedicated to displaying music files, albums, artists, and others.

Use tabs to open multiple sections in the interface

One of the wonderful features in the program that facilitates browsing music is tabs.

Tabs allow you to open more than one section in the program at the same time. Several tabs can be opened easily by pressing the “+” symbol at the top of the interface.

Relying on tabs in the interface makes it easier to access the required music, and it is also possible to arrange the tabs next to each other in order of priority by dragging them to the right or left.

Edit music files with many options

When you open an album and browse the music within it, you can interact with the audio files with many options available.

Such as editing the details of a file or several files together at the same time, for example: artist, album, release year and other important details in organizing music, or rating music with stars so that you can sort your favorite songs later.

It is also possible to convert audio files to several other formats easily, in addition to many other options in the program. 

Handling playlists of music files

Many people prefer to listen to music from playlists, where you can collect several songs from several albums and save them to a new playlist.

The playlists section of the program contains ready-made playlists, such as the most played songs, recently added, or the highest rated, and you can easily create more new playlists and name them, and then add audio files and arrange them according to your desire.

Listen to music from podcasts and the web

In addition to listening to music from files on your computer, you can also listen to music from additional sources, one of which is podcasts.

The program provides a wide variety of podcast channels in various fields such as sports, technology, education and many more. It is also possible to listen to music from Internet sites.

There are many sites that you can browse and play the music from them, or turn on the radio to listen to it directly over the Internet.

Features of MediaMonkey for PC

  • Plays and organizes music files on PC.
  • Controls the content of the audio library by adding music folders.
  • Customizable user interface in more than one way.
  • Sorts music manually and displays photo gallery in many ways.
  • Supports multiple tabs to open more than one section at the same time.
  • Edits music details manually or automatically by bringing them from the Internet.
  • Converts audio and audio formats to suitable audio formats.
  • Listen to music from podcasts, radio, or websites.
  • Creates user playlists and adds music to them.

You can download the music playback software and manage the audio library in the best way possible, MediaMonkey in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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