Psiphon for Windows

Psiphon for Windows

Bypass the Internet censorship

Psiphon Inc.

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Psiphon for Windows for Windows is a small and powerful software that does not require installation. It works by masking your IP address that way you can access any website regardless of your ISP’s censorship.

The good
Break the blocking of the bunk sites.
Safe and fast browsing on Android browsers.
The program does not need to be installed on your computer for playback.
The bad
Requires fast Internet connection for optimal performance.
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Ayad Alqatrany
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Psiphon utilizes different tools and internet technologies to secure your Internet connection, such as HTTP Proxy, SSH and VPN, by doing so, your whole connection data will be encrypted and you will be using a different IP address than the one given to you by your ISP.

One of the features of Psiphon is its ability to switch between different Internet protocols automatically if one of the protocols is blocked, for example, it switches between OpenVPN to SOCKS Proxy over an SSH tunnel protocol or to SSL, the famous HTTP Proxy protocol.

Psiphon is also available on other platforms such as Psiphon for Android and Psiphon for iPhone and iPad.

Psiphon Features

  • Automatically switches between different Internet protocols.
  • Can reach speeds up to 20Mb/s, in Speedtest trial.
  • Always updating the servers used for their service in case they get blocked by some ISP.
  • You can manually choose your proxy country, such as The Netherlands, UK, Japan, Singapore, or Germany, you can also let Psiphon choose the fastest server for you automatically.
  • When used in the SSH mode, Psiphon compresses your data thus making your communication faster.

If you want to surf the Internet safely then you should start using software like Psiphon, to download the latest version of Psiphon from Downzen directly click the download button on this page for a direct and fast link.

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