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Visual Studio Code

Microsoft's free source code editor


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Microsoft's free source code editor
Visual Studio Code is a free source code editor from Microsoft, the editor supports a large number of programming languages such as PHP، Python، C، HTML، CSS، and Javascript. The editor comes loaded with features that make it one of the best choices for developers and programmers. Download the latest Visual Studio Code by clicking the download button.

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Visual Studio Code
DescriptionNotepad alternativeHackable text editor from GitHubYour notes organized effortlesslyLightweight text editor and IDEFree code editorPowerful source code and text editorSubtitle movies with great capabilitiesMicrosoft's free source code editor
The good
  • Free and open source.
  • Support for multiple tabs.
  • Support for plugins.
  • Highly customizable with packages.
  • Support for a large set of programming languages.
  • Easy to use.
  • Advanced code auto-completion.
      • Free and open-source.
      • Fully customizable.
      • Ability to use it as an IDE.
      • Free and cross-platform.
      • Customizable with add-ons and macros.
      • Support for many languages.
      • Supports most of the programming languages.
      • Supports plugins.
      • The user interface supports RTL languages such as Arabic.
      • Small space and light on device resources.
        • Modifies the interface arrangement.
        • Syncs subtitles automatically.
        • Modifies the format and colors of the subtitles.
        • Converts translation text to another language easily.
        • Support for a large number of programming languages.
        • Support for adding extensions.
        • Attractive and easy to use UI.
        • Support for multi-tabs.
        The bad
        • Support for programming languages is limited.
        • Synchronization for settings and packages across devices is not supported.
            • Only a few Plug-ins are available.
            • Some programming languages are not supported such as C.
            • May require some setting and tuning before starting up.
            • Requires restarting the program after adding Plugins.
              • Difficulty in transitioning between parts of the video.
              • Auto-completion does is not supported in some programming languages.
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