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Vivo Mobile Assistant is an Android system manager developed by a Chinese company of the same name that manufactures smartphones and tablets. This software was intended to be a companion of Vivo smartphones, but it can also be used with other Android devices. Download the free Vivo Android management software by clicking the download button below.

The good
Free and easy to use.
Ability to synchronize Android phones with PC.
Clipboard sync capability.
Complete control over apps.
The bad
It is not possible to save the screen display in video format.
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Ammar Kurd
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Mobile-PC sync

Vivo Mobile Assistant can sync photos, SMS messages, contacts, and apps between the PC and the phone, it is also possible to use Microsoft Outlook to sync emails. The mobile can be connected to the PC via WiFi or through USB, once the mobile is connected the software automatically recognizes and sync the two devices.

Managing Apps

Accessing the App section of the software displays a list of apps installed on the mobile where the user can delete or move the apps to the SD memory (only if applicable). The user can also export one or more apps from the mobile to keep them as a backup or to share them with others.

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also install apps directly from the software. All you need is the APK file and you're ready to go! Wait, you do not know where to get these APKs you say? Don't worry, you can get them easily from Downzen.

Live screen display

Using Vivo Mobile Assistant users can view a live stream from their phones, where they can take screenshots and saved them on the PC, which is a great tool for people making how-tos and tutorials. The live stream can be accessed from the My Phone section on the main window.

Back-up service

One interesting feature of Vivo Mobile Assistant is the capability to make back-ups for SMS messages, MMS messages, MEMOs, photos, videos, and apps. To access this feature you need to click on Data Backup from the My Phone section, it is possible to restore backups in a similar way.

Clipboard sync

This one is very cool if the user likes to copy the clipboard from the mobile to the PC or vice versa one can do that with Vivo easily by clicking Clipboard sync from the My phone section.

Vivo Mobile Assistant features

  • Completely Free.
  • Impressive easy to use user interface.
  • Ability to connect the mobile via WiFi or USB.
  • Mobile-PC synchronization.
  • Ability to backup important data.
  • Complete control over apps.
  • Display mobile screen on the software with the ability to take screenshots.

Download Vivo Mobile Assistant

To get the latest version of Vivo Mobile Assistant with a fast and direct download link via Downzen, just click the download button on this page.

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