Java Development Kit (JDK)

Java Development Kit (JDK)

Java Software Development Kit (JDK)


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Java Development Kit (JDK) includes tools for developing Java applications and applets, including Java Runtime Environment (JRE), language interpreter (java), compiler (javac), archives (jar), language help (javadoc), and others.

The good
Great community and lots of tutorials available online.
Produces software that runs on all OS.
Supports programming on the web, desktop, and Android devices.
Fast and secure programming language.
Supports Lambda expressions.
Powerful, fast, and beautiful JavaFX interfaces.
Supports object-oriented programming OOP.
The bad
Concerns that it might not be free.
Too large codes.
Must load JVM to run on all kinds of devices.
Slow on Internet browsers.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Java Development Kit (JDK) to program all kinds of Android apps, websites, and applications

Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages around the world, due to its great ability to deal with all systems seamlessly, in addition to its ability to deal with many electronic devices such as refrigerators, televisions, smart washing machines, also electronic parts, mobile phones, wristwatches, and others.

The team that came up with the idea of Java was working within Sun Microsystems, which was acquired by Oracle in 2009, where the Green Team (the name of the team that created the Java language), which was led by the genius programmer James Gosling, thought of a programming language that works on any device, screen, phone, or any electronic piece in the world.

Only JVM must be available in these electronic parts or different computers in order for Java to run easily and simply without the need to use special files from the system, for example, DLL files in Microsoft Windows systems.

Another idea emerged, which is to write the program once and then it will work on any OS regardless of its type, and then you can run your program in whatever OS or electronic piece, only JVM must be available in the target device.

Java is the most developed in the world

What makes Java programming language a powerful one is a huge community that has been contributing to its development since 1991 (since its name was Oak) until today 2023. This made Java a language with many and varied tools that simulate and keep pace with all problems arising through time, and it is not an exaggeration that you will find that as soon as a new technical problem appears, Java is the one that comes up with solutions before most other programming languages, and we rarely find a language that preceded Java.

The history of Java is full of adventures, labels, programming bragging, and historical experiences that contributed to the development of Java.

Java is the most desired language in the world

It is not surprising that Java, which is installed in computers with Java Development Kit (JDK), is one of the most requested programming languages around the world. It is amazingly diverse, vast and so huge that you may not be able to learn it completely, as majors have appeared in some fields of Java in many technical universities in the world. 

Java's majors sweep most of the recruitment sites, as it usually occupies the first, second, and third place in the global recruitment sites.

Java is always renewed to keep pace with modern languages

Java relies on writing codes on relatively large expressions and sentences when compared to its modern peers such as Python. But this did not prevent the giant company Oracle from developing Java so that it becomes more beautiful and efficient in terms of coding to compete with the latest modern programming languages.

Oracle has added Lambda expressions for example, which made coding a fun and easy adventure, to add more strength to Java and return it to the competition with strength and solidity.

Developing Android apps using Java 

Perhaps this is the first reason to make Java one of the most requested programming languages around the world, because it is the official development language for Android apps, as Google stated that despite the emergence of the new alternative, Kotlin. However, Java is still the mother language of Android. And because the Android OS is more widespread than the Windows OS itself. Kotlin still derives its power from the available Java libraries, as it does not have its own libraries of that power and size as in the case of Java.

Numerous and varied GUIs interfaces

Developers know that GUI is what will be in front of the eyes of app users, and in this respect, Java provides great GUI libraries including AWT, SWINg, but the most beautiful and most effective interfaces are the wonderful JavaFX interfaces. Which makes interface design a fun process as it relies on its idea of structuring the design using HTML and CSS formats, which allows unlimited creativity in the design form.

JDK is the official requirement for many software development tools 

It is used by the most famous development tools in the programming world, including:

  • NetBeans for Java development.
  • Android Studio for Android app development.
  • IntelliJ IDEA for Android app development using Java and Kotlin, as well as desktop app.
  • MIT App Inventor 2 for programming no coding required apps  (Java 7 version only).

Java is used to program the most famous websites in the world 

Java is also used in developing websites, and we list some of them in points:

  • The well-known Amazon marketplace,
  • The very popular auction and shopping site
  • The site of the largest sports channel in the world ESPN.
  • AT&T Telecom's website.
  • VerizonCommunications website.
  • The world-famous electronic bank PayPalalso deals with some Java libraries due to the high level of security available in them.

Java is used to program Desktop Software

In the following list, we list some of the famous software programmed entirely in Java:

  • UltraMixer for DJs and sound effects.
  • NASA World Wind, the competitor to Google Earth.
  • LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Java is used to program games

Most of the games that were programmed in Java are of a relatively old generation, perhaps due to the purchase by Oracle of Sun Microsystems, which made companies afraid that Java might not become free, and in the following list we list the most important games programmed using Java:

  • The famous car racing game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.
  • Angry Birds Stars desktop version.
  • The famous Minecraft.

Java comes included with Java Development Kit (JDK), which comes with many additions, the most important of which is JavaDB, which is an included database that does not need to be installed, as well as JRE to run Java programs on the desktop and applets in browsers. The huge community of Java and the many lessons available on the Internet make Java more in demand from the programmer, from the client, as well as from companies.

In case you want to run only Java programs and do not want to develop them, you should install Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which runs Java programs and its size is smaller than JDK development package. It is time to live the wonderful experience of developing programs and games in Java when you download JDK by pressing the Downloadbutton located at the top.

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