VNC Server

VNC Server

Remote access software (server side)

RealVNC® Limited

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Remote access software (server side)
Simple and secure remote access and support VNC® Server is screen sharing software that lets you connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world, watch its screen in real-time, and take control as though sitting in front of it. Download VNC® Server to the computer you want to control, below. Then, get VNC® Viewer for the device you want to control from.

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VNC Server

VNC Viewer
DescriptionControl Android devicesAccess and control other PCs remotelyRemote access software (server side)Remote access software (client side)
The good
  • Free.
  • Awesome UI.
  • Remotely control Android devices.
  • Transfer files between PC and Android devices.
  • Display Android notifications on the computer.
      • Fast communication and easy to use.
      • Supports unattended mode.
      • Free for non-commercial use.
          The bad
          • Some features are only available on the paid version.
              • Must use the Internet, even in a local network.
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                  Users rating4.
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