Zoomify Free

Zoomify Free

Zoom and pan images as web images

Zoomify, Inc.

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Zoomify Free to convert any image into an image that can be zoomed and panned, add an image in its original size to be divided and arranged in a web viewer with zoom-and-pan capabilities that can be used on your website.

The good
Easy to use user interface.
Editing the image very quickly.
Beautifully displayed image after modification.
The bad
Requires some experience in managing websites.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Zoom in and out images

This program is very useful for website owners, and allows them to zoom and pan images, to display products of online stores or beautiful landscapes, maps and other uses.

How the program works

The program deals with high-resolution images, adjusts the image and converts it into a group of small images, and then merges them together in an image viewer that supports zooming in and out, and panning according to the viewer's desire.

Installing the program on Windows

The program does not need to be installed on Windows, and it comes in a compressed file format that includes a set of files. To extract data from the compressed file, WinRAR or 7zip can be used.

The progam's user interface

The program has a very simple user interface with a somewhat outdated design, yet it is easy to work with regardless of your experience in using programs.

The interface is a single window with a specific function, which is to modify the images to be zoomed in and out, and panned.

The program's function

To properly understand the program’s function, the program files must be understood after unzipping them.

In simple words, the program consists of two main parts, the image converter program and the web image viewer, with an additional .js file which is important for the web viewer.

Image conversion program

A small program in size that converts the image into a small chunks of images, then saves them into a new folder with the same name as the original image. The image is added easily by dragging it to the program interface.

Web image viewer

An HTML file that contains the image viewer code. The converted image folder must be placed in the same folder as the HTML viewer file, after which the code of the viewer file is modified and the converted image folder name is added to correspond to the new image folder.

View image after modification

After everything is set, you can add the files to your website, and the image will be displayed in a small box that contains buttons to zoom in and out, with the ability to pan the image after zooming in to see its small details clearly.

Features of Zoomify Free

  • Processes photos so that you can zoom-and-pan freely.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface to adjust images.
  • Supports dragging photos to the interface to start the photo editing process.
  • Splits the image into small chunks and saves them in a special folder.
  • The new image can be easily added to your website.
  • Image viewer with zooming in and out and panning capabilities.

You can download the photo zooming program so that it can be zoomed in and out and panned on websites, Zoomify Free 2.4.3 in its latest version from Downzenfor free from the download section of the page.

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