SecVPN Proxy Tool

SecVPN Proxy Tool

Proxy to unlock and access blocked sites

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SecVPN Proxy Tool app to protect your data and increase the level of security to a very high degree while surfing the Internet, browse all the blocked sites, services, and games in your country easily, and get complete freedom to use the Internet at great speed.

Le positif
Very fast with an easy-to-use interface.
The ability to select the server location manually.
Control apps that use the service.
Le négatif
Displays numerous irritating advertisements.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN apps

It is common in some countries to block some websites, and some online services are not available in all countries, so many prefer to use various VPN services, to access the required content and bypass the ban imposed on them.

How SecVPN works

The SecVPN application assists users in accessing websites that may be blocked in their region by connecting to a server. The server acts as a mediator between the user and the desired site, while ensuring complete protection and security during the connection.

Benefits of using VPN services 

VPN services offer a lot of benefits to users, such as protecting data when connecting to open networks, hiding the identity of users and their current location, encrypting all data and preventing it from being stolen, accessing all blocked sites and services, and more.

Annoying ads

The app is not free from ads, and this greatly affects the user's experience of the app, unlike many other VPN services that do not display any ads, such as the Outline app or the BeePassVPN app and others.

Connect to SecVPN Service Servers

SecVPN proxy includes many servers around the world, all of which are dedicated to serving users according to their region and device specs, the best and fastest server is chosen to connect to, and once the connection is successfully established, you will be ready to use the Internet without restrictions.

Select the suitable server location

Although the app chooses the best available server at the moment, the user can manually choose from a list of available servers, and the choice is made by selecting the country to connect to and using the IP address from it.

Security and privacy 

SecVPN provides a high degree of security when connecting; it encrypts all sent and received data with very strong encryption, to ensure the privacy of the user at high speed while using the Internet.

Manage connection and apps

In the app interface, you will see the button dedicated to establishing the connection, and within seconds you will be connected to the server you selected. SecVPN provides you with options to manage the connection, and these options can be used to improve usage.

Control apps

When connecting to the SecVPN server, the VPN connection will be applied to all apps by default, with the ability to control which apps are allowed to use the service, by selecting them from the list of apps that appear in the settings.

Server connection information 

Some users are very interested in connection information, such as real-time display of download and upload speed, server location, and time since the connection was established.

Features of SecVPN Proxy Tool

  • A great and simple app to unblock the internet in your country.
  • Free and unlimited data usage.
  • Access to all blocked websites and internet services.
  • Many servers are affiliated with the service all over the world.
  • Encrypt the connection to increase the level of security and privacy.
  • Supports choosing the best server automatically or manually.
  • Control phone apps to allow them to use the service.
  • View information on download and upload speed and connection time.

You can download the app to unblock the Internet and access all blocked sites and services in your country SecVPN Proxy Tool 6.0.077-RELEASE in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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