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Outline app to bypass the blocking of Internet sites and access all online services, websites, and games that are blocked by Internet service providers, one click to bypass the ban and protect your online identity, and make the whole world in your hands without any restrictions.

The good
Complete encryption of communication and protects the user's identity.
Very lite and easy-to-use Android app.
Fast Internet connection when connected.
Supports adding many servers from around the world.
The bad
Requires adding servers from outside the app.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Internet ban bypass Android app

In many countries around the world, governments may block some Internet websites, and this is done for political or administrative reasons or other reasons.

Therefore, many people resort to using a VPN service to unblock and access those sites, and we will introduce a very fast and effective VPN service that enables you to use the Internet freely without any restrictions.

Outline service

It is a free and open-source service that has been specifically designed to unblock censored websites, allowing everyone to use services, websites, and games on the Internet with complete freedom while giving the user greater control over the creation of their own service server.

How Outline works

The app works as a client service that is connected to one of the servers belonging to the service. Any user can create and set up his own server and control the sharing of the Internet, and then send invitations to people around the world to use his/her server and this makes the connection more secure and difficult to block significantly.

The benefit of using a VPN service

There are many benefits to using a VPN service, the most important of which are protecting your privacy, making your device and phones' data anonymous when connecting to open networks, using the Internet freely without restrictions and accessing almost everything, and encrypting your sent and received data over the Internet with strong encryption.

Work on multiple systems

Outline works on all different devices and systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS devices such as iPhones. You can use the service no matter the device, and to try the service on your computer, you can do so through the Windows Outline client.

Access key

The Outline service is free and can be used at any time, all you need is to get the access code to the server, and you will be ready to use the Internet with complete freedom, and get rid of the ban imposed on you.

Create a server and share the Internet

Outline service enables all users to create their own server, this is done through a special program on the computer and with monthly registration to the service, after which the user can share the Internet and control the permissions of the connected devices.

Get access keys

In the Outline app, you need the access key to connect to the server, by obtaining an invitation from one of the servers, or using the public access keys that volunteers create and share, from the following link: Outline access keys are free.

Manage servers list

It is possible to obtain more than one access key and add them to the app, each key may be connected to a server in a different country, from the interface it is possible to add or remove servers as you wish or rename them to distinguish them easily.

Outline for Android Features

  • Unblocks websites, services, and games.
  • Protects your privacy while using the network.
  • Data sent and received through the VPN is protected with very strong encryption.
  • Fast in connecting to the server and browsing the Internet.
  • Free access keys to obtain from volunteer servers.
  • Ability to add many free servers from around the world.
  • Ability to manage servers in the interface and rename them to distinguish them.

You can download the Outline Android app to unblock websites and games, and use the Internet without restrictions, Outline 1.13.0 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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