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Play Chess on your Android device for free, play 10 different levels that increase in difficulty against the AI or play with friends in the same device.

The good
The game is small in size.
3D view.
Retreat previous moves.
Multiplayer mode.
The bad
The number of levels is small.
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Ammar Kurd
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Chess is one of the oldest strategy games in the world, the rules of the game are not hard, but the number of possible moves that can be taken and the implications of that move are what made chess one of the best board games ever.

Game Modes

The game has nine different levels, each level increases the difficulty, to unlock a new level you have to win in the previous levels first. The final level is a multiplayer game that requires you to play with a friend against the game’s AI.


Moving the pieces in the Chessboard is easily done by clicking in the piece then the possible moves will be shown on the screen, you can then select the move you wish to make. It is also possible to retreat your move to a few moves back.

Customizing the game

From the settings, it is possible to change the board and pieces appearance from six different themes. It is also possible to select a different camera angle for display. Other options include the enabling the sound effects, the preferred color of the pieces and the enabling tips during the game for beginners.

Chess features

  • Elegant chess game for Android.
  • Different levels.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Simple game controls.
  • Ability to save the game.
  • Ability to retreat your moves.
  • Tips for beginners.
  • 3D view.
  • Different themes.
  • Small size.

Download the latest version of Chess 2.8.7 right here at Downzen, just click the download button on this page for a direct and fast download link.

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    Android 2.3.2+