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A free tool to modify and hack Android games and apps

 The good

  • Hacks Android games and apps.
  • Removes annoying ads in apps and games.
  • Backups and restores apps data.
  • Modifies apps and games permissions.

 The bad

  • Using non-official apps can expose your device to dangerous threats.

Do you want to hack games and apps? Do you want to get free in-game money and coins, then Lucky Patcher app your wizard wand to do all the magic.

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Lucky Patcher for Hacking Android Games and Apps

Unlike iPhone users trapped in their golden cage unable to modify anything, you Android nation can unlock features and bypass in app purchases to get those sweet sweet game coins to buy that extra land in farmville. Yes we know it is all about farmvile and we won’t judge!

You can do all of that and more with Lucky Patcher. you can modify and play with every detail of most apps you download.

First of all you should download and install King Root Pro which will allow you to root your device with a single click, then you can download and install the latest release of Lucky Patcher 7.5.2 through which you can modify the app permissions and details, which for example allows you to:

  • Remove in-app ads.
  • Backup the app and keep its APK copies the way you want.
  • Hack games or apps easily.

The six most significant features of Lucky Patcher

  1. Removes License Verification
    When you download a free game or app, specially a demo version, you will find a specific license that prevents you from continuing the game. With Lucky Patcher, you can remove that limitation license in seconds.
  2. Free in-game money and gold coins
    In most modern mobile games, it is necessary that you purchase extra items such as power-ups and weapons. Lucky Patcher can hack those payment systems and give you free items and credits with a single press, so you can get a huge amount of gold and coins free of charge without having to waste any real money.
  3. Removes in-app ads
    You can get rid of ads that show up during playing games without the need to buy the ad-free paid version. With a few clicks through Lucky Patcher you can make a game or app ad-free for FREE.
  4. Backup and Restore data
    With the backup data option, Lucky Patcher can backup your files and apps and restore them whenever you want.
  5. Makes any app undeletable
    It can be used to make any app undeletable. After installing any app from or Google Play Store then by using Lucky Patcher, it is possible to make it uninstallable.
  6. Transfers apps from internal memory to external memory (SDCard)
    If you are running out of internal memory then you need to free up more space which can be done by transferring apps to the external memoryand that can be easily done by using Lucky Patcher.

What functions Lucky Patcher can do

  • Grants special permissions for any app, which gives you more control over apps permissions.
  • Removes ads from any app or game.
  • Creates backups for apps and games.
  • Repacks modified apps into APK packages.
  • Changes the design of apps such as colors and fonts.

Modifying anything on apps and hacking Android games can be easily done by using Lucky Patcher 7.5.2. It can be downloaded for free as APK package from via the Download button in the page.
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Rating  4.0/5
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