Daily VPN - Secure VPN Proxy

Daily VPN - Secure VPN Proxy

Access blocked websites and browse the Internet safely

Daily VPN

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Daily VPN App to bypass the internet ban in your region, access blocked streaming and download services freely, and protect your data from being stolen when connected to open networks.

The good
It offers multiple servers for easy connection.
Establishes connections at great speeds.
Provides a private browser for safe web browsing.
The bad
The apps utilizing the connection cannot be controlled.
They display numerous intrusive advertisements during use.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN apps

Partial blocking of the internet is imposed in many regions for several reasons such as political sites, or the services that run in a specific geographic region, and here comes the job of VPN services that break geographical restrictions and make the internet freely available to everyone.

How Daily VPN works

Daily VPN app establishes a connection between your device and one of the servers, and encrypts the sent and received data so that it is difficult to block, and this provides the user with a safe environment to browse the Internet with complete freedom.

Benefits of using VPN services

When you use VPN apps, you will get additional security features, such as using the internet freely and accessing all blocked websites and services or hiding your identity and current location on the internet, and many more. 

Free and unlimited service

Daily VPN is free and you can use it immediately after installing it, it is unlimited and can be connected for a long time; however, it displays a lot of annoying ads, which affects the user's experience greatly. 

Connect to servers

The process of establishing a new connection is very easy, the Connect button is clearly displayed in the app's interface, and the connection takes place in just seconds at a very fast speed, then your device will be ready to surf the Internet. 

Select the suitable server location

There are many servers that can be connected, and by default, the fastest and best available server is selected, however, the user can manually choose the location of the server he wants to connect to.

Security and privacy 

The Daily VPN app prioritizes security by encrypting the connection with an unbreakable code, ensuring complete user privacy when sharing data.

Safe Internet Browser

The app includes an extra web browser, which becomes available once you have established a successful connection with a server. This browser offers a secure and private environment for browsing websites in complete secrecy. It does not retain any data you share and keeps intruders from intercepting and reading your messages.

Features of Daily VPN

  • Access all blocked websites and services in your country.
  • A free and unlimited app with a very simple interface.
  • Hide the user's identity and current location on the Internet.
  • It includes many servers located in several countries.
  • Connect to servers with high security and encryption.
  • A private browser to open websites in a private and secure environment.

You can download the app to browse the Internet safely and access all blocked sites and services Daily VPN 4.3.6 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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