Cool VPN Pro-Secure VPN Proxy

Cool VPN Pro-Secure VPN Proxy

Protect your connection and access all blocked sites

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Cool VPN Pro - Fast VPN Proxy app to access blocked services, sites, and games in your country, bypass the ban from internet providers, and fully protect your data when you share it online.

The good
Easily establish the connection to the server.
Manage apps that use the connection.
It does not require any registration to use the service.
The bad
Display a lot of annoying ads during use.
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Bypass the Internet ban

Blocking websites is a common practice in many countries. As a result, users in those places often use VPN apps to bypass the block and gain access to blocked content with ease.

How Cool VPN Pro Works

The app enables all users to browse any website or service on the internet by creating a secure connection between the service's server and the user's device. It encrypts all data, making it difficult for anyone to block or intercept it.

Benefits of using VPN services 

A virtual private network (VPN) has many benefits, the most important and most widely used of which is to bypass the ban on the Internet and access all blocked sites. It also completely hides the identity and location of the user, protects the data from theft when connecting to open networks, and many more.

Free and unlimited usage

Cool VPN Pro does not require any registration to use, it is a free app that can be used directly once installed on the device, it is unlimited and does not require you to purchase credit to use the VPN service.

Display ads during use

Although the app is free, it displays a lot of annoying ads when connecting and disconnecting, in addition to the ad bar that constantly appears in the interface, and this negatively affects the user's experience of the app.

Create and manage the connection to the server

Cool VPN Pro includes many servers around the world, in order to distribute the traffic on the servers resulting from the many connection requests, all of these servers are ready to serve users for free and at any time and very quickly.

Create a new connection to the server

The connection is established very easily in the Cool VPN Pro app, with the ability to view the list of available servers in the service, and it is sorted according to the country in which you are located, but unfortunately, it is not possible to select the server manually in the free version.

Security and privacy 

When establishing the connection with the server, the transmitted and received data will be encrypted, and this guarantees the user a high degree of security and great privacy, thus protecting his data and making it difficult to block by Internet providers. 

Manage other apps' usage of the service 

By default, the connection is applied to all apps on the phone; however, it is possible to choose which apps can use the VPN service so that the connection to the server is limited to a specific number of apps only.

Features of Cool VPN Pro

  • A great app to unblock the internet very easily.
  • Free and unlimited usage without any registration.
  • Access all blocked services and websites in your country.
  • Hide the user's identity and current location on the Internet.
  • Connect and disconnect to service servers easily.
  • A high degree of privacy and security when establishing the connection.
  • It includes many servers distributed around the world.

You can download the app to unblock the Internet and access all blocked sites and services Cool VPN Pro 1.0.262 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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