Proton VPN: Fast & Secure VPN

Proton VPN: Fast & Secure VPN

Browse blocked websites and services at high speed and for free

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Proton VPN: Private, Secure app to easily access blocked services and websites in your area, enjoy unlimited and free usage, and get a secure connection to protect and encrypt your data on the Internet.

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Too many available servers to connect.
Free proxy with unlimited use.
View network information after connection.
The bad
Registration is required prior to use.
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The internet world is full of amazing sites and services, such as video and audio broadcasting services or social networking sites and others, but some users may find it difficult to access this premium content, due to various reasons such as geographical restrictions or political and various other reasons.

How Proton VPN works

This app helps all users to access the blocked content, by connecting to one of the servers of the service, establishing a secure connection to browse the Internet more freely, and bypassing all the firewalls imposed on the user.

Register to Proton VPN

Before you start using Proton VPN you must sign up, which is a simple process that requires you to enter some information, such as your username, password, and backup email address, and the app does not ask you for any personal information at all.

Benefits of using a VPN

In some cases, it may be necessary to use a VPN service, for example when connecting to open and unprotected networks, to protect your data from theft by third parties, or when you want to hide your identity and your current location.

List of available servers

Proton VPN service includes a large number of servers, which are distributed in many countries around the world, and provides the user a secure and stable connection to the Internet, with an emphasis on privacy and security of sent and received data through the service.

Types of servers available in the service

Proton VPN has more than 1,700 servers distributed in 64 different countries, a small part of which is provided for free, while most of the servers are available in the paid version only. 

Browse the servers on the map

All Proton VPN servers are presented and distributed on a world map to see where they are, it is a fun way to browse servers by geographic region. 

Establish connection and monitor network status

As soon as a new connection is established with any of the servers of the service, all data will be encrypted with high-security features activated, this ensures the user safe browsing via the Proton VPN service and access to all blocked content in your area. 

Connect to available servers

The list of servers is sorted into groups by country, and the pressure ratio on the current server is displayed. To know the status of the server, you will need only one click to be connected to the server and get all the features of the Proton VPN service. 

Network information after connection

Once the connection is established, some important information will be displayed, such as the new IP address you got on your device, the size of sent and received data since the connection was started, as well as a graph showing real-time data traffic.

Proton VPN: Private, Secure features

  • A very fast app to open blocked sites and services.
  • Bypasses the internet ban in your country.
  • Completely free and unlimited.
  • More than 1700 servers are distributed in 64 countries around the world.
  • View the status of the server before the connection is established.
  • Comprehensive information on the amount of sent and received data.

You can download the app to bypass the ban on blocked websites in your area Proton VPN: Private, Secure in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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