eFootball PES 2021

eFootball PES 2021

The famous football game PES 2021 for Android


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The famous eFootball PES game for Android in its 2021 version, play football matches in the best way on your phone, compete in different leagues and challenges, create your own team, hire professional players, and constantly improve the team's capabilities.

The good
Improved gameplay mechanics and responsiveness.
Great realism in player movement on the field.
Playing matches in a variety of available modes.
Fantastic and diverse methods for player recruitment.
The bad
Continued lack of Arabic interface support in the game.
Requires an internet connection even when playing on a local network.
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Mohammed Samir
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The football game eFootball™ 2022 is now available for download.

What's new in PES 2021 for Android

Every year, Konami releases a new version of the popular game PES. In this edition, several changes have been added to the game. The player database has been updated, along with their abilities and skills. Some gameplay mechanics have been improved in matches, enhancing player responsiveness.

If you are playing PES 2020, updating is easy, allowing you to maintain your progress and level in the game.

Setting up the game for the first time and selecting the essential elements

When downloading the game for the first time, you'll need to prepare a set of elements. Firstly, choose the interface language and your geographical location. After that, select the suitable playing style. Then, choose the team you want to manage from any of the global leagues. Next, select a coach with a fitting style for the team. Once the team is configured, you'll be presented with the names of the players with whom you'll begin your professional journey.

Understanding the different game modes for playing matches

As is customary in PES 2021, there are numerous different game modes for playing matches. The diversity of gameplay types provides the game with significant distinction and offers users the opportunity to compete in various ways. Let's now explore the different game modes in PES 2021:

  • Competing against players online in eFootball:

    In this mode, you'll have the ability to play against random players online. You can test your skills by engaging in friendly matches against opponents. Once the competition begins, the game will search for a random player for you to face off against. Winning matches will earn you various rewards.
  • Playing in the constantly-refreshing Event Mode:

    Numerous events are periodically launched for a limited time. During these periods, you can accept challenges and complete them swiftly. Once an event's duration ends, it is concluded, and a new event begins immediately. Event requirements vary, such as scoring a certain number of goals, defeating specific teams, and more.
  • Playing matches against friends in Friend Match:

    This mode is designed for friendly competition among friends in the game. You can add friends and face them online, or you can play against a friend on the same local network. One player can create a game, and the other can join it. Results of all friendly matches with friends are recorded.
  • Competing in Short Season Campaign Matches:

    To play in a short tournament consisting of 10 matches, you will earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. After the mini-championship concludes, you'll receive various rewards. You can choose to control the players directly or simulate matches, taking on the role of a coach only.

Managing your team comprehensively in the Club House

The beauty of PES 2021 is the complete management of your team, with numerous options to control and enhance its strength. To manage your team, you need to follow several steps, including:

  • Selecting the best lineup of players in Squad Management:

    To select the best way to position players on the field, and to understand the detailed abilities of the players in your team. You can also make substitutions between the starting lineup and the substitutes. Making accurate substitutions enhances your team's overall strength.
  • Managing all club members in My Team:

    This allows you to review all individuals associated with the club, such as the list of all players in the team, the coach, and the scouting team searching for players, Additionally you can select specific players for personalized training to enhance their abilities.
  • Training on Playing Skills in Practice:

    This mode is designed for practicing various skills in the game. You can start a free play mode without an opponent and practice passing and shooting towards the goal. Additionally, you can begin a customized mode to practice set pieces, corner kicks, penalty kicks, and more.

Signing new players to strengthen the team's capabilities

One of the crucial aspects of building a strong team is signing professional players. You can search for available players for transfer and add them to your team using several methods, as explained below:

  • Signing Players through Agents:

    Agents present a variety of players available for potential signing. These players could be well-known stars or regular players. You can select the position in the team where you need a player. Additionally, there might be limited-time offers available.
  • Using Scouts to Search for Players:

    Scouts search for young and emerging players who are expected to have a promising future. You can acquire more scouts as rewards from matches.
  • Acquiring Players through Public Auctions:

    A group of players is presented through a public auction. These offers continue for a short period, during which you must select the suitable bid. You can participate in the auction with competitive bids to acquire the player.

Customizing Game Settings with Numerous Options

The game settings encompass numerous options that can be customized to enhance the gameplay experience and tailor it to your comfort. There are specific options to alter on-screen button functions, audio volume settings for crowd and music, and more. You can also download new commentators for the match in multiple languages, as well as choose the player control style.

Types of Player Control Styles in the Match

The game supports the ability to control players in the match using two different styles. You can choose the style that suits you best or switch to the other style at any time. Now, we will explain the gameplay control styles in PES 2021:

  1. Classic Style:

    In this style, a set of different buttons is displayed for various functions. These buttons' functions change based on whether you're attacking or defending. To perform actions such as passing or shooting, you need to press the appropriate button.
  2. Advanced Style:

    No buttons are displayed in the advanced style. Instead, you can control players by dragging or tapping on the screen only. For example, double-tapping and directing to shoot, dragging towards a player for passing, and so on.

Features of eFootball PES 2021

  • Very high-quality graphics with a significant emphasis on details.
  • Enhanced player performance and increased realism in gameplay and movements.
  • Competing in online matches against random players.
  • Playing against friends online or via local network.
  • Numerous recurring events during various periods.
  • Full team management and selecting the best possible lineup.
  • Increasing the team's strength by signing new players.
  • Continuously training and developing players to increase their strength.
  • Supporting multiple player control styles on the field.

You can download the exceptional football game on smartphones, eFootball PES 2021 5.7.0, for the latest version, for free from the Downzen website by clicking the download button on the page.

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