eFootball™ 2023

eFootball™ 2023

The famous soccer game eFootball 2023


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The well-known eFootball™ 2023 game, formerly known as PES, simulates soccer in the best possible way, start your journey to build your dream team, sign professional players, play in a lot of different matches and win prizes.

The good
Improvements to gameplay and effects.
More copyrighted players and clubs.
Compete in many types of tournaments.
Many ways to control players.
The bad
The game size is very large and takes up a lot of storage space.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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eFootball 2023

When we talk about football games, we will definitely mention eFootball, given the high graphics and realistic movement techniques, and the huge football world that it offers for free to all players.

What's new in eFootball™ 2023

eFootball™ 2023 comes with a lot of new improvements, which give the user a great experience to play football matches in a suitable environment, and we will mention the most important new features in the game:

  • Various improvements to graphics.
  • Apply the latest summer transfers of players between clubs.
  • Added more copyrighted clubs and players.
  • The addition of 18 clubs from the Mexican League, Liga BBVA MX.
  • Display players' cards in a modern way by type.
  • Increased the number of clubs in friendly matches to 26 clubs.

Clubs and Players display copyrights

In this version of the game, the copyrights of new clubs were added, such as AC Milan, Inter Milan, Roma, Napoli, and others, and football stars such as the Portuguese Bruno Fernandez and the English Trent Alexander Arnold were added to the game's poster, along with Messi, Neymar ,and the Japanese player Kubo.

The sittings and options

After downloading eFootball™ 2023 to your phone, you will have to set up some one-time options at first, such as choosing the interface language and geographic region, selecting the club you are going to play with, and giving it an appropriate name. 

Enjoy the HD graphics

The game was designed with the wonderful Unreal Engine 5, which simulates football matches in high quality and 3D while providing options to change the quality of graphics to suit the lower specs of other devices.

Signing players and building your dream team

In the game, you can create the strongest dream team step by step, through a long football career in which you play a lot of matches, and sign with higher quality players to develop your team's level, and this is a great feature that makes you attached to the game greatly.

Signing new players

Building a strong team needs strong players, so the team lineup must be constantly supported by new players.

Players are signed by selecting them manually, bear in mind that the prices of players vary according to their capabilities, a new player can be obtained randomly via eFootball coins.

The game plan and formation

The team’s game plan varies according to the user’s choices. Players can be distributed in attack and defense in many ways, in addition to switching between the main and substitute players as needed, and choosing the tactical plan.

Develop players' abilities and renew contracts

When winning matches, players will get development points, which can be used to train players and increase their skills in attack or defense, and don't forget to renew player contracts that are about to expire to keep your excellent players.

Match types in eFootball™ 2023

After preparing your lineup and signing multiple players, you can test the strength of your team against other teams, as eFootball™ 2023 offers a lot of competitions to participate in and get valuable prizes.

Friendly matches

To play friendly matches with the real squad of clubs and not the squad of the dream team, there are many famous clubs from around the world, such as Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Barcelona, AC Milan ,and many more.

Play in temporary events

Competitive events are constantly introduced into the game, in which you face different clubs around the world to test your level, the event lasts for a specific period of time and a new event begins, and it may require you to play several matches to win these events.

Challenges in the eFootball League

To compete in a great league consisting of divisions, your team will start in the tenth division and then advance to the first one, the difficulty of the league increases as you qualify for the higher divisions.

Play with friends online

To have even more fun, try playing with friends online, by creating a private room and sharing its number with your friend, you can adjust the match settings, choose the time and number of substitutions, activate or disable the extra time, penalties ,and various other options.

Play with random users online

A special mode to test your skills with random players online, your opponent is chosen at a level close to yours, with the ability to customize the scope of your opponent's search, making it without limits around the world or within your geographical area.

Techniques to control players in the match

Perhaps the most important element in the game is controlling the players, there are a lot of skills that can be mastered to manage the game as it should, with more than one method of player control to suit all users.

Choose the appropriate control method

As usual in eFootball, there are two ways to control the players, and this includes controlling the passing, shooting, intercepting the ball from the opponent, and more.

The user can choose the method he prefers and switch between them to get an experience and choose the most suitable for him, and we will now explain the methods of controlling the game E-Football 2023:

  • Buttons

    To control the playing skills through a group of buttons next to each other, whose function changes according to attack or defense, and their places can be customized.
  • Swipe

    It is a more professional method that requires high skill and is used by professionals in the game, and the playing skills are controlled through several commands such as continuous pressing, double pressing, or swiping on the screen according to attack or defense.

Practicing control skills

If you are a beginner in the game you can try Training mode, in which you are taught the basics and skills of offensive and defensive control, or you can try Freestyle Training to practice specific game modes, such as free kicks, and penalty kicks.

Modify the game options to suit your style

One of the nice features of the game is the ability to customize it, and this gives the user a lot of nice options, to make the game fit his style and needs, and thus get the best experience of playing football matches.

Download commentary in several languages

In eFootball™ 2023, you can enjoy playing football matches with the audio commentary service. You can download the commentator’s data in different languages around the world, including the Arabic commentary with the voice of the famous commentator Fahd Al-Otaibi.

The options for display when playing matches

It is a set of display options that appear on the screen in matches, such as player indicator, player distribution map, transparency of control buttons, and various other options.

eFootball™ 2023 features

  • A great simulation of football matches in the best possible way.
  • Impressive 3D design for stadiums, players, and effects.
  • Graphics quality can be reduced to suit all devices.
  • More copyrighted clubs and players.
  • Start a successful football career to create your own dream team.
  • Sign professional players to support the dream team lineup.
  • Constant new events and leagues to win and get prizes.
  • Play online to face friends or random players.
  • Control the players in the match in more than one style as you wish.

You can download the most famous football game and create your own dream team eFootball™ 2023 7.6.0 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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