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The famous football game eFootball™ 2024


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The famous football game eFootball™ 2024 from Konami. Play in exciting and thrilling football challenges and tournaments, get the best players to build your dream team, and enjoy playing matches with friends online.

The good
Major improvements in player movement and intelligence.
The sound effects of the crowd are more than wonderful.
Offers a variety of challenges and competitions.
Graphics quality automatically matches phone specifications.
The bad
The game still does not support the Arabic interface.
Difficulty in buying high-quality players.
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Ibrahim Abdul-Hakim
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The distinguished football game eFootball 2024

Konami company brings us each year a new release of the famous football game eFootball, formerly known as PES, which is one of the most famous football games ever, providing a great environment for football game lovers on smartphones, to play a large number of matches in many tournaments and challenges, and build your dream team that includes the strongest players and play against other teams.

New additions in eFootball™ 2024

Every year the game is improved and some new features are added, these improvements aim to add more realism to the game, and Konami company strives to give players the best gaming experience ever, in eFootball 2024 several things have been developed such as:

  • Improvement in the style of play and development of dodging and defending against the opponent.
  • Increasing the response speed of players and the level of intelligence of their movements around the field.
  • Adding a new feature to develop players and raise their performance above the normal level.
  • Updating the player lineup for the clubs with the latest transfers that took place in the summer.

Intellectual property rights of players and clubs

eFootball™ 2024 game owns the rights of a group of clubs and national teams, and the rights include displaying the club's logo and the official shirt, such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Arsenal, Milan, Bayern Munich, and others, and national teams such as Germany, France, England, Italy, and others. It also owns the exclusive rights to famous football stadiums such as Allianz Arena, San Siro, Camp Nou, and others.

Choosing your team's basic plan and formation

A strong formation means a strong team that is hard to defeat, it is important before starting any match to choose the best available formation, and this requires knowledge of the players and the positions they play in, when you put a player in a position other than his, his energy will decrease significantly, so place each player in his correct position to increase the number that represents the strength of the formation, as you progress in the game you will get new players and the formation will change.

Building the dream team to start a professional career

The main idea in eFootball™ 2024 game is the Dream Team, a game mode that allows you to build your own team from scratch, where you will get a weak team with obscure players, and you have to play and win to get stronger players and include them in your formation, thus increasing the strength of your team to compete against stronger opponents, the dream team may take a long time to reach your goal.

Competing in various football tournaments

In eFootball 2024 game, many matches await you, you can compete in many tournaments and various challenges, we will now mention some of the competition modes in the game: 

  • Events:

    A set of events that appear for a limited period, and vary each time to focus on a part of the football world, such as derby matches, national team tournaments, and others, when the time ends a new and different event than the previous one appears.
  • eFootball League:

    A wonderful league that includes 10 levels of varying strength, you will start at level 10 which is usually easy, and as you qualify for the first levels the difficulty of the opponents will increase.
  • Online competition:

    To test your playing skills against another player online, an opponent of your level is usually chosen, and you can choose a player within your geographical area or expand the search circle according to your desire.
  • Friendly matches:

    These are matches that are not played by the dream team, but through real clubs and national teams with their basic players, here the options are very limited according to the intellectual property rights owned by eFootball™ 2024 game.

Playing with friends online

Instead of playing with random players online, you can add your friends to eFootball™ 2024 game and play against them, playing with friends has a different fun and the challenge is different, the play mode with friends is available for the dream team or for real clubs and national teams, where a private room is created and friends are invited to join it, with the possibility of protecting joining with a password.

Buying new players to increase team strength

There is a rule that says good players make a good team, you should from time to time reinforce the dream team with new players, either through direct purchase with the game balance that you collect from winning matches, or getting players from various gift cards, and from the contracts section you can search for players and filter the list according to the position or budget and others, this makes it easier to find suitable players.

Methods of controlling movement in matches

As we are used to in eFootball™ 2024 game, there are two ways to control the players, whether in passing, shooting, and through balls in attack, and cutting the ball, sliding and pressing the opponent in defense, you can choose the suitable method for you or change it even in the middle of the match, and the two methods are:

  • Classic:

    The control stick and a set of buttons that change their function according to attack and defense appear on the screen.
  • Touch & Flick:

    For control without buttons appearing on the screen except for the movement control stick, and playing commands are executed by pressing and dragging on the screen, it is a more complicated method and yet many professional players prefer it.

Sound effects and Arabic commentary

eFootball™ 2024 game features the best sound effects ever, during the match you can hear different sounds of fans according to the change of stadiums, which interact with goals and dangerous attacks in an amazing and realistic way, you can also add the sound of commentary on the matches, the commentary files are downloaded for several different languages ​​including Arabic commentary.

Graphics settings in the game

The best graphics settings are automatically selected according to the phone's specifications, however, you can modify the graphics options as you wish, such as reducing the quality of the graphics to fit the phone's specifications, or increasing the number of frames to 60 frames per second, you can change the graphics settings to see if they fit your phone

Features of eFootball™ 2024 game

  • A football game full of various matches and challenges.
  • Realistic graphics to simulate players' movement in the match.
  • Amazing sound effects for fans' interaction with events.
  • Building your own dream team to become stronger over time.
  • Buying players and strengthening the formation with the best available options.
  • Constant development of players' abilities to increase team strength.
  • Competition in many diverse challenges and tournaments.
  • Playing with friends in exciting online matches.
  • Various methods to control players' movement on the field.

You can download the distinguished football game to enjoy the best matches and football competitions eFootball™ 2024 8.5.0 with the latest version from the Downzen website for free from the download section on the page.

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