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Free, easy to the user (Facebook application) is the most famous social network site in the world and the most commonly used.

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Share different types of posts.
Like button and various reactions.
Diverse communication methods.
Easily gain friends and connect with real people.
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Consume device resources.
Privacy violation.
Requires Messenger to chat.
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Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with more than 2 billion active users per month, and the network aims to help people connect with each other, share their happy moments and gain more friends in their surrounding area or from anywhere in the world.

The beginning

In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg, a student at Harvard University created Facematch, a site dedicated to university students to display their photos and choose the most attractive person. After that, Mark entered into a dispute with the university and the site was closed, then Mark decided to create his own site. Facebookwas created at the beginning of 2004, but it was intended for Harvard students only.

Going global

Months after the launch of Facebook, the site opened its doors to several other universities, after that, a version was created for high schools. Then it allowed employees of some companies such as Apple to join it, and in 2006 the site allowed all adult users with a valid email to join the site for free.

Social networks

Facebookis not the only social network in the world of the Internet. There are many other networks that try to compete with Facebook to gain user satisfaction, such as Twitter, and others. These networks differ in the way they are used, but they have the same goal, which is to facilitate communication between users.

Facebook outperforms other social networks

With the presence of other social networks, Facebookhas the largest share of users, and in 2016 the number of active Facebookusers exceeded 2 billion monthly users. This is due to the great work that Facebookis doing in continuously developing the service, and its innovation of many interactions features such as the like button on posts and others.

Download and install Facebook on your phone

Facebook is available on all smartphone systems, and you can download Facebookfor Android from Downzenby clicking on the download button on the page. The app 462. will be downloaded in APK format in its latest version, and the old version of Facebookcan also be downloaded if the need arises. 

Install Facebook on your phone

After the download is finished, open the APK file that you downloaded to show the installation window, press the install button at the bottom and wait for the process to finish. If you encounter a message telling you that the installation is prohibited for security reasons, do not worry, just press the Settingsbutton in the message, then activate the Unknown Sources feature, and reinstall the app again to complete the process successfully.

Download Facebook for iPhone

Facebook is also available on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and you can know the features of Facebook for iPhone and download it to your phone from Downzen for free in its latest version, by clicking on Download Facebook for iPhone.

Download Facebook for pc

There is no program dedicated to using Facebook on computers, and you can use Facebookwebsite to access your account, if you have Windows 10 on your phone, you can get Facebook from Windows Store, and you can download the program by clicking on Download Facebook from the Windows Store.

How to sign up on Facebook

Facebookis completely free and does not require you to pay any fees when signing up or using the rest of its many tools. The goal of the network from the beginning is to make the service available to everyone around the world free of charge and to facilitate the process of communication between users, and you must be 13 years old and above to be able to register for Facebookservice.

Key steps to sign up

To sign up for Facebook, you must have a valid email or an active phone number, and you must also type your real name and not a pseudonym so that your account will not be suspended later. The network aims to make Facebook a real place, not an illusion, not like other social networks.

Enter your correct email or phone number, and the email or phone number should not have been used before in any registration process, then choose your date of birth and gender. In the next step, you will receive an activation message to your email or phone number to confirm, and after this step, you will have completed the main things.

After completing the main steps, you will proceed to a series of additional steps to complete the registration. A group of suggested friends will be displayed to add to your friends' list, and also a request to change your profile picture and cover photo, and typing some of your information, you can skip the additional steps and complete their registration later.

Facebook app interface

The interface of Facebook contains several main elements, and these elements are constantly being developed with additional changes, and Facebook is always trying to improve its app and provide the best experience for users, so it launches many updates, and you may find some changes in the interface.

News feed

It is the main part of the app, and it contains posts, photos, and videos that friends or pages you like posted, and even the posts of groups you joined, and you can view more posts by swiping up, and these posts change when you refresh the page.

Top bar

The top bar includes a search bar and a button to go to messages that you receive from friends, in addition to the camera button through which you can take beautiful photos with many features, and we will talk about this in detail later.

Main Tools

At the bottom of the top bar, you will find the main tools on Facebook, through which you can go to the home page, see the list of friend requests that you receive, or see notifications and interactions on your posts, as well as go to the user part.

Edit your profile

It is one of the important steps when creating a new account, or even when you want to update your personal info after long use, and this information is an identification about you to all users who view your personal account, and you can control the privacy of this information.

Profile picture and cover

Your personal photo will appear next to your name in all the posts that you share, or in the comments that you write on others’ posts, and you can choose any photo from the phone and crop it in a square shape, while the cover photo is in the form of a wide rectangle and appears on your account page only.

Add Bio

You can choose a phrase to tell people who visit your profile more information about you, this biography is not more than 100 characters only, and you can write anything in the biography such as a job, an important motto in your life, or any personal information.


You can choose up to 9 photos to appear in the main interface of your personal page, and these photos may include the most beautiful moments that you have shared on Facebook, and consider them very special to you and you want others to see them, and these photos can be changed later and new photos can be added.

Personal details

You can also add more details about your personal life, such as adding information about your work, the high school and college you studied in, as well as adding the city in which you currently live and the city in which you grew up, as well as adding your marital status, and you can control the privacy of this information separately.

Interact with posts in the News Feed

You can interact with all the posts that appear in the news feed, and there are many ways to interact with posts, the app gives you a lot of options to have a distinct experience.

Like and other reactions

The Likebutton is the most used button on Facebook, and it means that the post has been liked by other users, and by pressing the like button, a group of reactions will appear that express different feelings such as love, laughter, wonder, sadness and anger, and the total number of reactions on the post is shown.

Comments and reply

Among the interactions, you can also add a comment, and you can comment by texts, images, animations, videos, emoji, stickers, and you can respond to one of the comments in the post or tag a friend to see the post.


When you press the share button, you can share the post on your personal page, friend's page, or to a group, and you can add some text on the post for clarification. You can also share the post as a message to a friend, or copy the link to the post and share it, and you should be aware that not all posts can be shared.


By clicking on the post options, you can click on the save post to be added to the saved items, and it is a section for you only that contains your favorite posts, and with this feature, you will not miss any posts anymore, but you can save it and return to it later at any time.


Because of the large number of users, pages, and groups on Facebook, it is difficult to view all posts, so the app will show you posts from friends, pages, and groups that you interact with the most, while the posts you ignore will be neglected.

Control what you want to see on Facebook

The Facebookcommunity is the largest place to exchange opinions, discussions, moments, and more, and you can add friends up to 5000 friends in addition to the pages you have liked and the groups you have joined, so you may encounter a lot of racist or offensive posts that you do not like, and you have to control what you see in the news feed.

Hide posts

Facebookallows you to hide the posts that you do not like from appearing in the interface, by clicking on the post options and choosing to hide the post, and posts similar to it will be shown less, and you can hide all the person’s posts temporarily for 30 days if his posts bother you.


If a friend continues to publish posts that bother you, Facebookgives you the option to unfollowthe person, and this means that you will not receive any future posts from this person, but he or she will remain in your friends' list, and you can activate follow from his or her personal page.

Show special posts first

You can always display special posts at the top of your news feed, which means that the latest posts from that friend or page will be shown at the top of posts, and you can do this by going to the friend's page or page and changing the follow settings to favorites.

Report posts

Not only does Facebook let you hide posts and unfollow their owners, but it also allows you to report the content that is being posted to be dealt with. You can click on post options, then select the problem on this post, and decide if it contains violence, fake news, hate speech, and other things that are reported.

Create post

Facebook allows you to share everything you do or think. At the top appears a rectangle titled What's on your mind? You can type various posts in different aspects of life, share them with others, exchange comments, opinions, and others, and you can add photos, videos, and many things to the post.


Add several photos to your post or create a photo album, and you can add an alternative text to each photo next to the main text of the post, and you can edit photos and add stickers, texts, and effects to them, and in the same way, you can also upload and edit videos before posting them.

Change the background color of the post

It is a feature for text posts that do not contain images, through which you can change the background color to many colors and shapes, and you can choose the colors of fixed backgrounds or you can choose the color, and you can also choose backgrounds that contain different shapes, and the text color is automatically changed to match the background color.


You can add a specific feeling to your post to show readers how you feel at the moment of typing the post. There are many emotions that can be added such as hope, loneliness, confusion, calm, thankful, enthusiasm, and many more. You can also add some activities to your post such as traveling, playing, reading, watching, and others.

Additional options

Facebooksupports writing posts in different ways than the traditional way, where you can write a post that contains a poll with questions and options, or share a wish list or inspirational quotes and things you like and more, or ask users for recommendations for some things, or mention an event to attend and many more.

Post privacy control

Facebookis concerned with the topic of privacy in posts, you can choose who can see the post that you will share, at the top of the post you can change the privacy and make the post visible to public or to friends only or to friends except for some people or for specific friends, and you can write the post and choose to see only you.


Notifications are one of the most important things that a user cares about on Facebook, as they give him the latest interactions on his posts, and you are alerted of notifications when some things happen even when you are not using Facebook, such as commenting on your posts or sharing them and other things.

Types of notifications on Facebook

There are many interactions that you get notifications about, such as likes, comments, and shares, also when someone replies to your comment in a post, or tags you in a photo or comment. As well as invites to like pages, notifications of your friends' birthdays, memories you posted on Facebook in previous years, and many other events.

Dealing with notifications

Dealing with notifications varies according to their type, as you can hide any notification that you receive by pressing on it, and you can turn off notifications related to any posts, whether your posts or friends’ posts, as well as turn off notification of your friends’ birthdays and anniversaries or turn off notifications related to pages and groups.

Facebook camera

Facebook includes a wonderful camera that allows you to take very beautiful photos and share them, and you can use it in many functions such as posting daily stories or sharing posts, etc., and the front or back camera can be used in the process of taking photos.

Add live stickers

There are many live stickers on Facebook camera, which automatically recognizes the face, and adds some elements such as glasses, enlarge the eyes, and other effects. You can try the stickers before taking a photo or recording a video to choose the appropriate one and use it.

Edit photos before sharing them

After taking the photo, you can edit the photo and add some important things. You can insert time, location, weather, and other stickers, type texts on the image, or freehand drawing with a pen or finger.

Create a repeated short video

Besides the process of taking photos and videos, the camera supports Boomerangmode which allows you to shoot moving objects through the camera, turning them into a GIF image. 

Live video

Facebooksupports the video broadcast feature, and all users can take advantage of this feature to post any content with friends directly through the camera. Before starting the live broadcast, you can write a description of the live broadcast, tag a friend, or even add live stickers, and you can convert the live broadcast into an audio broadcast instead of a video broadcast.

Send and receive friend requests

Facebookis the best place to search for new friends, as it has a mechanism that brings friends together who are in the same geographical area, and you can upload your contacts to Facebookto identify the people who registered with their phone numbers.

Dealing with friend requests

Others can send you friend requests, and all friend requests appear in the top bar of the main interface. You can confirm the friend request, add the person to the friends' list, or delete the request. You can also look at the requester's personal page to find out some information about him before confirming the request.

Friend suggestions

From the Friend Requests section, you can view suggestions from the button at the bottom. Facebookdisplays a list of people, who may be known to you, or may have many friends in common, and the person's name, profile picture, and the number of mutual friends is displayed.

Manage friends 

You can view a list of all your friends to see or search for a friend in the list, and you can see the friends you've recently added, or see which friends have shared new posts on their pages. You can unfriend or block anyone on the list, message them or see their friends' list if they allow it.


In the main interface of Facebook, there is always a search bar at the top, through which you can search for anything you want to know on Facebook, and you can search for people, posts, pages, groups, photos, videos, and many more.

View search results

While typing the search words, some suggestions will be displayed to complete the word or sentence, and you can choose one of these suggestions that you will often find what you want from them, or you can view all search results for the words that you have typed, and search results from various sources are displayed together as a default action.

Sort and filter search results

You can sort the search results by type, such as displaying people only, images only, posts, etc., and when choosing any type, you can customize the search process more, for example, if you search in people only, you can choose the city, education level, person's job, and so on.


In addition to the personal accounts of users, Facebookprovides the Page feature, which can be created by personal accounts. You cannot have a page if you do not have a personal account on Facebook, and pages focus on communicating with a large audience, such as managing businesses or institutions, and others.

Create new page

From the sidebar, you can go to the page section and press Create, type the name of the page and then select the main category and subcategory for the type of activity on the page. After that, enter the address, city, and phone number to facilitate contact with you, then add a personal photo and cover photo for the page to appear more in the search results.

Manage your page

After creating the page, you can invite friends to like it and view the posts. The page contains important tools that help you manage it, such as responding to messages that reach the page. You can also download the Facebook Pages Manager app dedicated to managing the pages of Facebook.

Share posts on your page

You can share a new post on the page you own the same way you post on your personal page, like sharing photos, videos, etc., while adding some features specific to the pages only, such as requesting to send messages and inquiries to the page, or scheduling the post and setting a specific date and time to share it later.

See page stats

Your page will have a special section for displaying the latest statistics related to it, and from it, you will be able to know the percentage of the post’s reach, interaction, how many likes during a month, week, or day, as well as the number of times the page was visited, website clicks during the past month and many other important statistics.

Manage liked pages

You can see the list of pages that you have previously liked while using Facebook, and the pages appear in order of most recent, and you can manage the list of pages by always displaying the page's posts in the foreground, or inviting a friend to like the page, sending a private message, or disliking the page permanently.

Create or join groups

On Facebook, there is the feature of joining groups, which is a special community that includes a number of members to exchange discussions and chat among themselves, as well as to create special events for group members such as meetings and others, and you can search for a group and request to join it, or create a new group and add your friends to it.

Create a group

You can create a new group for free, the first step to create the group is to type its name and choose at least one friend to add to the group, then select the type of group from among three types:

  • Public group:

    Anyone can search and find the group, and you can see the members and posts on the group before joining.
  • Closed group:

    Anyone can find the group and see its admins, but they can only see posts and members after joining the group.
  • Secret group:

    No one can find the group by searching, and a member must invite you to join the group to see the group's posts and members.

Main steps after creating the group

After creating the group and as an admin for it, it is preferable to add a cover picture and a description of the group to tell the members the purpose of creating it. It is also preferable to type a welcome post for the new members of the group, as well as choose the preferred color for the group, and then start trying to spread the group among users and send invitations to join.

Admin tools and settings

There are tools for group admins to be able to manage the group efficiently, including viewing and accepting or rejecting requests to join, as well as monitoring the activity of other admins, and also creating group rules that members must abide by, in addition to the settings section to change the basic things in the group.

Find and join a group

From the Groupsection, you can go to the Discovertab to view more groups, the groups are sorted into different categories such as sports, education, arts, humor, buying, and selling, etc., and a list of suggestions for popular groups, as well as groups with your friends, and many other groups are displayed.


Like other social networking apps, Facebooksupports the feature of daily stories, which are images, videos, or texts that users share for only 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted from the stories while keeping them in the user's archive.

See friends' stories

Friends’ daily stories always appear at the top of the interface, and you can view them horizontally by swiping left and right, and a thumbnail photo of the story is displayed in addition to the friend’s profile photo, and when you click on any story, the content of the story will be displayed, and the next story will be automatically displayed after several seconds.

Interact with daily stories

You can interact with stories posted by your friends, and only the friend will see your interaction with their stories. You can reply to the story in a private chat with the friend and send a gif or text, or reply with an emoji to respond to the story, and you can stop seeing stories from a friend or report inappropriate content.

Create story

You can also share your daily stories with everyone, and you can share photos by taking them from the camera or from the phone gallery, and you can share a text and change its background into several cool shapes. It is also possible to choose the privacy of viewing the story either for everyone or friends only, and it can also be shared in other places in addition to sharing it as a story.

Archive your stories

All daily stories that you share with friends are deleted after 24 hours, as we mentioned, however, they are kept in a private place that only you can see. Click on Archive, and you can open the stories again to delete them or add them to the best stories on your profile.


Because of the large number of posts on Facebook, the app provides a service to save posts in a special section with the name of saved, and you can add any post, whether text, video, or photos, to the list of saved items, and you can later return and review the saved posts.

You can use the saved feature in many ways. Sometimes you may be busy and come across a long post and want to read it, or you want to watch a video but there is no fast internet connection at the moment, or you want to save an important reference or page link to review later, and many more different uses.

Add posts to the list of saved posts

You can easily add any post to the list of saved items, whether it is a text post, contains images and video, or has a link to a web page and other posts. Just click on the post options and then choose to save the post, and a bar appears at the bottom telling you that it has been added, and you can scroll through it to view the saved items.

Manage saved posts

By going to the saved section, you can re-display the saved items by type, such as displaying only videos or images or displaying all types. You can view the original post, share it, send it in a private message, or unsave the current item, as well as search for more content similar to that item.

Arrange saved posts 

You can arrange the saved items into groups that you create, create a new group, type its name, and then add the items to the groups you created to arrange them. You can add a friend as a contributor to a group to be able to add items to it, and with this, you will be able to arrange your saved items, especially when their number becomes too many and difficult to distinguish.

Chat with friends

On Facebook, you will be able to chat with friends and family very easily, but you will have to download theFacebook Messenger app to read the messages received to you, as it is not possible to access, read and respond to messages through Facebook only.


After downloading and opening Messenger, your Facebookaccount will be recognized automatically, and it will tell you whether you want to use it with your current account or another account, and when you log in, you will find you can chat with friends, and exchange various media.

Facebook Messenger features

Through Messenger, you can share almost everything such as photos, videos, audio, stickers, emoji, etc., in addition to the ability to share plans for conferences and meetings, and chats can be customized by changing the main color and choosing a nickname for the user instead of his name on Facebookand many other features.

Free calls on Messenger

Through the Messengerapp, you can start a free call over the Internet, and you can make a voice call or start a video call, and you can add another friend to the call to create a group call, and you can continue to text while calling.

Integration between Facebook and Messenger

When you go to the chat from Facebook, you will be taken directly to Messengerwithout feeling that you have moved to another app, and vice versa when you exit the chat to continue browsing Facebookposts. The two apps complement each other very well and very quickly, and it is also necessary to own the two apps together to have a great experience.

Facebook gaming

For more entertainment while using Facebook, the app includes many games that you can play without the need to download them through Google Play Store, and the types of games vary, such as single and multiplayer games, etc., and you can go to the gaming section from the side menu.


Games are displayed in groups for easy browsing, where the most recently played games are displayed at the top and only instant games or games you have followed and others can be opened. It also offers suggestions for a range of games you might like, with an indication of the total number of players and whether a friend has played them before.

Start a new Facebook game

Most Facebook games are light in size, and they are opened within Facebook and not separately, and when you start any game, the process of downloading the game to the phone is first carried out and the total number of players is displayed. The game can be closed from the top bar, and you can share the game, like it, or create a shortcut to it on the phone screen.

Extra tools

Over the years, Facebookis no longer limited to social networking only but has evolved to include several other services, and in the user section, you will find many tools that perform different functions and help you manage some important matters. Here we will mention the most important additional tools on Facebook:

  • Events

    You can explore anniversaries and events happening nearby or in any other city, and can search for events by time or by event categories such as arts, games, music, theater, and much more. Among these events are reminders of friends' birthdays that can be viewed in the calendar and you can also create a new event and invite friends to it.
  • Memories

    It is a special section to remind you of the memories you spent using Facebookin the past years, where you will be notified of the posts that you have shared on this day in the past years, as well as the posts that you have been tagged or shared to your page by friends. You can control what you are reminded of in the memories tool, and you can customize the notifications you receive to display all memories or highlights or stop receiving notifications completely, and you can choose specific dates or people to not be reminded of events that happened to you, such as tragic events and others.
  • Places and nearby friends

    Through this tool, you can know the important places nearby in your geographical area, such as knowing the places of food and drinks, landmarks and activities near you, and you can know the number of people who visited the place, and you can visit the place's page on Facebook to view the visitors' evaluation and details of the service it provides. In the same way, you can go to nearby friends to see where your friends are currently, and friends are displayed in groups according to their whereabouts, and additional information appears, such as the distance between both of you, friends who are currently traveling, and you must activate the location feature to be able to know where your friends are.
  • Friend finder

    Facebooknot only allows you to communicate with friends but also allows you to get to know more friends. Discover friend displays a group of people who are not on your friends' list, which you have in common such as city, university, mutual friends, etc., and you may come across many people you know.
  • Crisis response

    It is a special tool created by Facebookto allow people to inform their friends that they are safe and well in the event of crises such as natural disasters, armed events, etc., and you can tell your friends that you are ready to provide assistance to them, in addition to the possibility of participating in a fundraising campaign for those affected by various crises.
  • Recommendations

    Through this tool, you can request recommendations from friends on a specific topic, such as requesting a recommendation for the best restaurants or hotels in a particular area, or recommendations for a specific product such as phones and electronic devices, and many other requests that the user may need. You can interact with friends' posts to help them find their requests by making your own recommendations.
  • Weather

    The weather tool automatically identifies your current city and then provides comprehensive weather information such as the minimum and maximum temperature for the current day and the next five days, and you can get daily notifications about the weather or turn them off, in addition to the ability to add another city to see its weather.
  • City guides

    This tool provides a comprehensive guide to the most important places in different cities around the world and shows the cities divided by the region in which they are located, such as Europe, North America, Asia, etc. In addition to the most popular cities, and cities visited by friends before with displaying the friends who visited this city. By selecting a city, the current time in the city will appear, and you can browse the places according to their type, such as restaurants, landmarks, cafes, shopping centers, etc. with a rating of visitors to these places, and you can also know the places that local citizens go to, public events and many more.
  • Fundraisers

    Facebookallows you to do donation campaigns to support different causes in communities, and by going to theFundraiserssection, you can see the current campaigns in your area and in several other places, know the amount collected so far, and you can donate to the causes that you support with knowledge of the campaign details.
  • Jobs

    You can see the latest jobs that are published on Facebook, the job's description and the one who offered the job, as well as the work hours are displayed, and you can change the scope of the job search by choosing the area on the map. Jobs can also be sorted by type, and you can follow up on job offers or turn on notifications when a new job is available in your area.
  • Watch

It is a section created due to a large number of videos on Facebook, as videos occupy a large part of the content shared in the social network. In the watch section, a watch list of videos will appear on the pages you follow, and the most prominent videos that you may like will be displayed.

  • Your time on Facebook

    This tool is designed for users who suffer from Facebookaddiction, the tool displays how many hours you spent using Facebook during the past week, and the tool provides you with a set time to alert you when your use of the app reaches the time you set.

Account and privacy settings

It is very important for the user on Facebookto know how to maintain the security of his account, control the privacy of the posts you share with others, customize the ads you see and the notifications you receive, as well as control who sees personal information. Go to the settings section in the side menu.

Personal information settings

From the account settings, you can change your Facebook account name to another name, knowing that you cannot change it again for 60 days. It is possible to add the first, middle, and family names, in addition to the possibility of adding a nickname, and the name must not contain punctuation marks or unusual random letters so as not to be banned.

You can also change your email address to another, or add a phone number and modify the options to receive SMS messages when you get new notifications. You can disable your account and hide your profile from appearing, while the Messengerservice remains running, and you must notify Facebookwhy you have disabled your account.

Customize languages and Facebook pay

To have a unique experience when using Facebook, choose the language you are fluent in and which language you would like to have posts translated into and languages you don't want to be offered translations for, as well as the languages that you do not want to be translated automatically. You can also control payments via Facebook, add credit cards, a PayPalaccount, and others, and also add a shipping address and contact information when purchasing.

Facebook security settings

There are many things that you can choose to increase the protection of your Facebookaccount, and from the Securitysection you can do the following:

  • Choose 3 to 5 trusted friends to contact to help you if your account gets locked out or you have problems accessing your account.
  • Find out where and what types of devices you've logged into your Facebookaccount from.
  • Login control via the Facebookapp with a profile picture.
  • Change the password for your Facebookaccount to become stronger and more secure, preferably do not use it anywhere else.
  • Receive alerts if someone logs into your account from another device or browser you don't normally use.
  • Activate the two-factor authentication feature and log in with a password and an activation code sent to your phone.

Control the privacy of your Facebook activity

From the privacy settings, you can choose who will interact with your various activities on Facebook, and from the privacy settings, you can control the following:

  • Who can see your future posts (public - friends - friends except... - specific friends - only me).
  • Who can see the people, pages, and groups you follow (public - friends - friends except... - specific friends - only me).
  • Who can see the daily stories you share (public - friends and contacts - friends - custom - hide story from...).
  • Who can send you friend requests (all - friends of friends).
  • Who can see your friends list (public - friends - friends except... - specific friends - only me).
  • Who can search for you using your email address (all - friends of friends - friends).
  • Who can search for you by the phone number you provided (everyone - friends of friends - friends).

Privacy of public posts

On Facebook,there are public activities that cannot be hidden, such as cover photo, account profile picture and some profile information, and you can choose who can follow you to see your posts in the news feed, as well as who can comment on your public posts, and who can like your private information on your profile.

Privacy of stories and mentions

You can choose how posts appear on your profile, and from this section, you can control the following:

  • Who can post on your account (everyone - friends).
  • Who can see what other people post on your account (everyone - friends of friends - friends - friends except... - specific friends - only me).
  • Who can see posts that you are tagged in on your account (everyone - friends of friends - friends - friends except... - specific friends - only me).
  • Review posts you're tagged in before they appear on your account.

Activity log

From this section, you will be able to find out all the information about you on Facebook. The information is sorted by type such as the friend requests you've sent, the dates you joined the groups, the list of people you follow, the comments you've shared on other people's posts, and much more information that you won't find elsewhere.

Download your information

Facebook offers you the ability to download a copy of all the information you've shared, you can download all the information or select the types of information you want to download, such as selecting posts, photos, videos, likes, friends list, and more. It is also possible to set a period of time as you can download your information for the past year only, select what you want to download, and create the file, it takes some time to prepare.

Customization ads in the news feed

Facebooksponsored ads appear with posts in the news feed list, ads similar to your different interests will appear, you can hide ads of products you don't want to see, and you can see the list of advertisers you've interacted with by clicking, visiting their site, or hiding their ads.

Notification settings

Facebooknotifications are one of the most important things that the user encounters on a regular basis. With it, you can control the type of notifications you receive from the app, and turn off the types of notifications you do not want, and the notifications you receive are comments, mentions, reminders, friend requests, birthdays, etc., and you can pause all notifications for a maximum of 8 hours.

News feed preferences

From this section, you will be able to control what you see in the news feed, you can select the friends and pages you want to see their posts first, as well as select the accounts you want to unfollow or reconnect with people you previously unfollowed.

Facebook Lite

If you have a weak internet connection, you may have difficulty using the main Facebookapp, since it requires a fairly fast internet connection to function very efficiently. Therefore, Facebookhas released an app that is light in size and fast in performance under the name Facebook Lite, and you can download it for free from Downzen.

Facebook Lite features

FacebookLite is characterized by its great speed in reviewing posts in the latest news, it is designed for devices with low specs, and for people who have low internet speed, and it does not greatly consume the battery, and is characterized by its very small size in phone storage, which does not exceed 2 megabytes.

You can use Facebook Lite the same as you use the main Facebookapp in almost everything, you can interact with different posts, share posts in your account, visit pages and groups, watch and share daily stories, and many other important things in use.

Differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite

There are several main differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite, we will now mention the most important of these differences:

  • Size: 

    The size of Facebook Lite is about 96% smaller than the size of the main Facebookapp.
  • Interface: 

    The interface of Facebook Lite is not as beautiful as the interface of Facebook.
  • Chat: 

    Facebook Lite does not need to download Messenger to chat with friends.
  • Speed: 

    Facebook Lite is much faster than the main Facebookapp.
  • Save data: 

    Facebook Lite provides a lot of data to the user, unlike Facebook, which consumes data.

Facebook features

  • Share different types of posts

    Facebook is distinguished from other social networking apps in that it is possible to share different types of posts that you may not find in other social networking apps, such as 360-degree images, polls, multiple lists, events, etc., and this gives users many options to share.
  • Like button and various reactions

    The Likebutton is one of the things that users interact the most with posts, and Facebookis not satisfied with this but has developed several buttons to include several reactions that represent the reader’s feeling about the post, such as love, laughter, surprise, sadness and anger, and with this step it is possible to interact with sad, racist and funny posts in another way.
  • Various methods of communication

    In the world of Facebook, you will have on your hand many ways to communicate with friends and fans. You can communicate with friends through private chats, or create groups to communicate with a large number of people, as well as create private pages for buying and selling, follow celebrities, and others.
  • Easily gain friends

    Facebookis the ideal place to make online friends, as it provides various methods to gain new friends, such as checking your contacts on your phone to see who is involved on Facebook, as well as discovering more people that you have in common such as city, university, job, and others.
  • Connect with real people

    Facebookalways tries to enforce rules to get real information from users, it bans fake account holders and aliases constantly, and all users must enter real information, so accounts on Facebookwill often have real names.
  • Personal account information

    Facebookis probably the largest network that provides this amount of information for personal accounts, and on your profile, you can add a lot of information such as education, job, residence, place of origin, marital status, and other information.
  • Ease of communication with the public

    If you use social networks to communicate with an audience, such as buying and selling, Facebookprovides you with a lot of advantages, such as if you are a celebrity and want to tell your fans about your daily moments, and many more.
  • Personalize the news feed

    Because of the large number of friends, groups, and pages on Facebook, you can customize the news feed list to see only the posts that interest you and neglect the rest of the posts that you may not like, and this can be done in several ways, such as unfollowing accounts or prioritizing some accounts to see their posts first and others.
  • Control the privacy of posts

    You can control the privacy of what you share on your account, so the public can view the post or only friends, and you can exclude some friends from viewing it, or allocate a certain number of friends, and you certainly can share posts for only you to see, such as your events and others.
  • Save posts in saved Items

    You will not miss any important posts with this tool, and through it, you can keep all the posts that interest you in a private place, not only that, but you can arrange the saved posts to make it easier to find them later.
  • Additional tools

    Facebookincludes many additional tools, whose functions vary to include many important things in our lives besides social networking. The app can be used to find jobs, know the weather, find city guides, find fundraising campaigns, and much more.

Facebook shortcomings

  • Consume your phone's battery

    Many users complain about the large consumption of the battery as well as the storage space, and the app works permanently in the background, especially if you activate the location feature, and this causes significant battery consumption, as it consumes a large storage space that may reach 1 GB with continuous use.
  • Privacy violation

    Facebookis constantly facing legal actions related to privacy violations, and these cases center around third parties' access to users' information and selling it to advertising companies, as well as the access of some apps to posts that are customized to be viewed by the user only.
  • Chat via messenger

    Chat on Facebookis very important for users, but this feature is not available within the app itself, but the Messengerapp must be downloaded to be able to access chats and respond to incoming messages, and this forces users to download another app that they may not want to have.

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