Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser

Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser

Secure and reliable web browser


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Needless to say, Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser, as you already know, It is one of the oldest players on the Internet scene and has proven to be one of the best and most secure Web browsers ever. Download Firefox. Browse Freely APK for Android now by clicking the download link on this page.

The good
Free and open-source.
Synchronization across platforms.
Secure and private.
The bad
Higher RAM consumption compared to other browsers.
Not the fastest browser.
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Ayad Alqatrany
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Mozilla is a leading company in the open-source movement, their vision for an open Internet has inspired them to create Firefox. That's why Firefox has always been more of a statement and a philosophy than a simple computer program. Mozilla brings the same ideas to the Android world, so enjoy freedom, privacy, and security by using Mozilla Firefox.

Privacy isn't just a word in Mozilla's realm it is a commitment and a discipline. The latest measure to protect users' privacy was by blocking third-party tracking cookies and cryptominers by default. This demonstrates an ongoing effort to protect the privacy and security of Firefox users.

Firefox is packed with many features such as synchronization across devices and platforms since Firefox is a cross-platform program you could synchronize all your bookmarks, history, and saved passwords in the devices you are using by logging in to a single Firefox account. Other features include tabbed browsing, spell checking, integrated search engine (Google by default), private browsing, and support for addons.

Firefox features

  • Fast and intelligent

    Firefox is not the fastest browser but still, it is decently fast and provides a lot of intelligent solutions such as cross-platform synchronization and addons support.
  • Private Browsing

    Surf the web without worrying about your data being saved on the device you're using, which is especially useful if you share the device with someone else.
  • Multilingual support

    Firefox supports more than 70 languages besides English.
  • Cast videos to your TV

    Firefox app can cast (stream) videos to your Roku or Chromecast to watch the video on a larger screen.
  • Well integration with social media platforms

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms are well integrated with Firefox.
  • Open-source

    Firefox is open-source thus it is less prone to bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Customizable Keyboard Mapping

    Firefox allows users to map keyboard buttons to a specific function.

Download Firefox APK for Android

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