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Chrome browser - Google, similar to other Google products, is simple, easy to use, fast and secure. Download Google Chrome APK for Android now by clicking the download link from this page.

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Fast, slick and easy to use.
Integrates well with Android Environment.
Well integrated with other Google services.
Synchronization across platforms.
The bad
Not working on all Android devices.
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Ayad Alqatrany
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Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser, due to its simplicity, speed, and superior performance compared to other browsers. Google Chrome uses better data compression algorithms that is the reason for its speed, which is the main reason why people prefer it over other browsers.

Google Chrome is the default web browser for most Android devices, but in case you do not have it on your device, the installation is very simple. Just download the APK file by clicking the download button on this page and then proceed to the installation process. During installation, you will be asked to enter your Google Account. This will allow you to synchronize all your bookmarks, saved passwords, search history, and other Google accounts like YouTube and Gmail.

With over 50% of users worldwide using Google Chrome in different operating systems, we believe there is no better way to claim that Google Chrome is the best web browser today, so what are you waiting for! Download Google Chrome now and join millions of users worldwide.

Chrome Browser for Android features

  • Faster than other browsers: Thanks to better compression algorithms, Google Chrome loads pages faster than other browsers.
  • Synchronization: Make your browsing habits the same across all devices by using the same Google account in all of them.
  • Save data usage: Save up to 50% or more data usage with Google Chrome.
  • Voice commands: You can use your voice to search instead of typing.
  • Automatic Translation: Google Chrome could be configured to use Google Translate to translate any webpage to your native language.
  • Incognito mode: Hide all traces of your session by entering this mode.

Download Google Chrome APK for Android

Download the latest version of Google Chrome 86.0.4240.110 in APK formate with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

Additional information

  • Version
  • Last update
  • Downloads
  • License
  • Size
  • Requires
    Android 2.3+
  1. android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION
  2. android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
  3. android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  4. android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  5. android.permission.BLUETOOTH
  6. android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN
  7. android.permission.CAMERA
  8. android.permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE
  10. android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE
  11. android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS
  12. android.permission.INTERNET
  13. android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS
  14. android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS
  15. android.permission.NFC
  16. android.permission.QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES
  17. android.permission.READ_CONTACTS
  18. android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  19. android.permission.READ_SYNC_SETTINGS
  20. android.permission.READ_SYNC_STATS
  21. android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
  22. android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO
  23. android.permission.REORDER_TASKS
  24. android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES
  25. android.permission.USE_BIOMETRIC
  26. android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS
  27. android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT
  28. android.permission.VIBRATE
  29. android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  30. android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  31. android.permission.WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS
  42. com.sec.enterprise.knox.MDM_CONTENT_PROVIDER

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Google Inc.

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