vpnify - Unlimited VPN Proxy

vpnify - Unlimited VPN Proxy

Go behind the walls of censorship


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Open censored websites, and protect your privacy with Free VPN unlimited secure hotspot proxy by vpnify for Android devices.

The good
Unlimited access.
Displays the amount of data transferred.
Ability to select server location manually.
Tunnel mode to control which apps get connected to the VPN.
The bad
Constant display of ads in full-screen mode.
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Ammar Kurd
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Why do I need VPN?

In many countries, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks or censors many websites and online services for cultural and sometimes political reasons. If you find yourself in such a situation, then you can surf the Internet freely by using a VPN app. 

Another reason for using a VPN is to hide your identity and protect your privacy since vpnify will transfer all your data through their network. Hence, you will be using another IP address that will effectively hide your identity. Vpnify also encrypts your data, which makes decryption difficult.

Vpnify overview 

Using the app is not difficult nor does it require any technical knowledge, the user interface of the app makes it extremely easy to connect to the virtual network. Once you open the app you will find a button that says “TAP TO CONNECT”, by pressing this button the app will establish a connection with the best available server based on your location. After you connect you will a message that says “CONNECTED” and another button for disconnecting for the virtual network appears in the lower end of the app's UI.

Vpnify supports multiple servers form many countries and tries to establish a connection with the best available server for you, but you can change the server manually by selecting one from the list of available servers.

Vpnify will display the amount of data downloaded and uploaded from the moment the connection was established, which might be a good metric for how well the connection is.

Tunnel mode

The standard mode in vpnify is to connect all installed apps via the VPN. However, you can change this by activating tunneling mode. In this mode, the user can choose which apps use the VPN service and which app connects normally via the ISP. This feature gives the user more control over the VPN.

Vpnify features

  • A great app to open censored websites and services.
  • Hides the user identity by changing the IP address and encrypting the data.
  • Protects the user information when connecting to public networks.
  • Easy to use.
  • Displays the amount of downloaded and uploaded data.
  • Supports selecting the preferred server manually.
  • Great speed and unlimited access.
  • Tunneling mode feature to control which apps connect to the VPN.

Download Free VPN unlimited secure hotspot proxy by vpnify 

Get the latest version of Free VPN unlimited secure hotspot proxy by vpnify 2.0.5 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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