VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy

Bypass internet bans and protect your private data

VPN Super Inc

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VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app to surf the internet with high privacy and prevent your online activities from being tracked, access all the blocked websites in your area, and enjoy a browsing experience without internet bans or restrictions.

The good
It is completely free and does not require any registration.
Many free servers to choose from.
It has a high-privacy internet browser.
The bad
Lots of annoying ads.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN apps

Not all users have an Internet browsing experience without restrictions, there are many countries that impose partial bans on the Internet, and prevent access to some sites or games.

Here comes the importance of VPN services that give their users complete freedom to surf the Internet, in addition to many protection features for their privacy.

How VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy works

The function of the app is to facilitate bypassing the Internet ban, as it connects your phone to a server of the service, and encrypts the connection so that it is difficult to block or track its activity, and this allows browsing the Internet without restrictions through this encrypted connection.

The benefits of using VPNs

Sometimes there is a great need for a VPN service, for example protecting your data when connecting to open networks, hiding your geographical location and identity, and opening blocked websites and services operating in a specific geographical range.

Free and unlimited  

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app is available for free and does not require any registration, it is unlimited and does not restrict users to a specific time, and it has a very nice and tidy interface that is easy to use.

Connect to the service servers

With regard to connection to service servers, there are a large number of servers around the world, ready at any time to connect to them and their services are free, all servers are fast and stable.

Select the server manually

The app provides users with many servers to connect to, and what distinguishes it is the many free servers that it offers, unlike other apps that provide a very limited number of free servers.

Security and privacy

High importance is given to the security of the connection to the servers in the service, all data is encrypted and it is difficult to trace or know its content, and this guarantees users a secure experience with very high privacy.

Great connection options

For the average user, the connection with the server is done automatically, however, there are many options, in order to manage the connection according to the user's desire, and some of these options are optional and can be left as they are.

Control phone apps that are using the VPN

While connected, all phone apps are linked to the connection by default, and the user can control which apps can use the VPN, exclude some and make them connect to the Internet directly without the need for the VPN.

Select the suitable connection method

There are several ways to connect to the server, and although the app chooses the appropriate connection method automatically, it is possible to change the type of connection in some cases when the connection is not successful.

View location information

The app provides the ability to know the current location of the user, and it displays information such as the IP address, the current city, and the location on the map, this information changes when the connection is established and other information is given to you.

Private Browser

For even more privacy, a built-in browser has been provided within the app. This browser is characterized by its high privacy and does not save any data. It also works only while connected to the server, to ensure the confidentiality of data and prevent any attempt to track your activities. 

Features of VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy

  • A fast app to unlock the internet easily.
  • Free, unlimited, and requires no registration.
  • Protect users' privacy by hiding their identities.
  • Many servers around the world to connect to.
  • The possibility of choosing the server location manually.
  • Control which other apps can use the VPN.
  • Several connection methods suit all uses.
  • Provides detailed information about the user's location.
  • Built-in Internet browser with very high privacy.

You can download the internet ban bypass app that gives the user extra protection and high privacy VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy 1.34.2 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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