Yoga VPN -Secure Proxy VPN

Yoga VPN -Secure Proxy VPN

Access censored websites and apps

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Protect your privacy and secure your device with Yoga VPN Free Unlimited & Secure Proxy & Unblock. This app will mask your IP and encrypt all of your Internet traffic, thus you will be protected against data theft and monitoring by your ISP and at the same time, you will gain access to any censored websites and apps. Download Yoga VPN APK now by clicking the download button on this page.

The good
Servers are grouped into levels.
Easy to use.
Ability to control which apps use the VPN service.
The bad
Too many ads are displayed on the screen.
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Why do we need VPNs

In many regions of the world such as China, Iran, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia the Internet is not completely free and safe, your opinions can lead to your arrest or even worse than that. Also, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) in those countries may censor certain websites for political, cultural, or other reasons which will restrict your ability to use the Internet. VPN apps can be used to help protect your identity by hiding your IP address and at the same time encrypting your traffic. Additionally, you will get an IP address from another country thus you will be able to access censored websites and services.

How to use Yoga VPN

Upon opening the app you will notice right away the simple user interface with a single connect button in the middle of the interface. Simply click on the button and the app will connect you to the best available server, after establishing the connection you will see your new IP and the country that it belongs to. Yoga VPN will also display several famous apps that can be opened directly from the app itself. It is easy to disconnect from the service with a click on a single button in the same way a connection was established.

Points system

Yoga VPN is free to use but to establish a connection to a server you need to have a minimum number of in-app points for that particular server. The user collects points by watching ads and by using the app every day.

Server location manual selection

Yoga VPN can connect to several servers distributed worldwide. Servers are divided into 3 levels, each level requires a minimum number of points deducted each day. Level three servers are the best with higher speed and more stable connections compared to levels one and two. Level one server requires the least number of points and offers the lowest speed and the least stability.

Proxy and connected apps settings

By default, Yoga VPN will be active on all apps on your device, but you can opt-out of certain apps from using the service. As a result, these apps will not be protected and will use your original IP address.

Yoga VPN features

  • Awesome VPN app, which allows users to open censored applications and websites.
  • Encrypt all your traffic and hide your IP address.
  • Protect your data from theft when connected to open networks.
  • Easy to use (connect and disconnect with a single button).
  • Uses points system to connect to a server.
  • Manually select servers.
  • The servers are grouped into three different levels.
  • Ability to select what apps to use the service.

Download Yoga VPN APK for Android

Get the latest version of Yoga VPN Free Unlimited & Secure Proxy & Unblock 8.0.204 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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