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Google Chat app to chat with friends and co-workers easily, use quick chat with multiple Google functions such as calendar, notes, etc., communicate in private chat, or create a group or workspace.

The good
Easy to register as it depends on the Google account on the phone.
Google Spaces to organize colleagues within a team.
Supports deleting private messages after 24 hours automatically.
The bad
You can't delete messages after you have sent them.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Google instant chat app

Instant chat apps are one of the most widely used apps on phones, and everyone uses them to communicate with others, whether with family, friends, classmates, work, or others. It will be easier to communicate with others, as almost everyone has a Gmail account, so it is possible to add anyone and chat with them, and the app includes an impressive range of communication methods, whether individually or in groups.

Adding friends and creating groups

In the beginning, you will have to add all the friends you want to communicate with. Friends are added by typing their email addresses to show the names to add them, and you can communicate with others in private chats individually, or you can create a private group by adding more friends to the chat. In a group, several people can communicate together and share media among themselves, and more than one group can be created.

Sharing media and interacting with messages

In the private chat, you can exchange texts, or share photos and videos from the camera or phone gallery, with the ability to use multiple Google tools connected to this chat app, such as sharing files from Google Drive, an event from Google Calendar, or creating a video call via Google Meet.

At the moment, the app does not support sharing of voice messages, GPS location, contacts, etc., but it is possible that these features will be added soon to the app.

Creating Workspaces and Arranging Tasks

In addition to chats and communicating with others in chats, Google Chat can be used to manage and organize simple group work, where a new workspace can be created and colleagues can be added to it. The workspace consists of several main sections which are the chat for exchanging discussions between colleagues, files for sharing a file and making it accessible to all colleagues, as well as the tasks section where you can create multiple tasks and assign specific people to perform them.

Google Chat Features 

  • Chat with friends and family members in an easy and accessible way for everyone.
  • Easily add friends by typing their Google accounts addresses.
  • Create groups and invite friends for group discussion.
  • Share all kinds of media and calls in private chat.
  • Interact with private messages using any of the emojis.
  • You can keep chat messages or set them to be deleted automatically after 24 hours.
  • Create workspaces to manage projects and implement them collectively.
  • Share files in the workspace and make them accessible to everyone.
  • Adding various tasks and assigning certain members to carry them out on time.

You can download Google Chat for instant chat and small project management from Google Chat 2024.02.25.610234260.Release in its latest version from Downzen for free by clicking on the download button on the page.

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