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WhatsApp Business app is the other version of the famous instant messaging app WhatsApp, and it is designed for managing business activities. Write your project details and working hours, communicate with customers, and classify them into categories to facilitate dealing with them.

The good
Ease of distinguishing customers through categorizing them into colorful categories.
Automatic responses to customers outside working hours.
Sharing a short link to initiate a chat with your business.
Numerous privacy settings to protect your account.
The bad
Managing business activity conversations through a single individual.
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Mohammed Samir
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Conversations and Calls

You can use this version of WhatsApp in much the same way as the regular version of WhatsApp when it comes to conversations and calls. You can exchange text chat, share photos and videos from the camera or phone gallery, send voice recordings, and documents.

You can also share your current location details and specific contact details. Additionally, you can make high-quality voice calls or even video calls. Before doing all this, you need to subscribe by entering your phone number and the verification code you'll receive.

Business Activity Information

As mentioned, this version of WhatsApp is designed for managing business activities. There's a dedicated section in settings to input your business details and control how you interact with customers. To begin, enter your business name, location on the map, and the type of business you have.

Write some details about your business nature, select your working days and official hours, and provide your email address and website URL. You can also create a short link for contacting your business with a predefined message.

Messaging Tools in Business Activity

There are several tools for managing messages in business activity, which are very useful for efficiently handling business communication. These tools include:

Outside Business Hours Notifications

To automatically respond to customer messages outside your specified business hours, write a response message and set a schedule for responses, making them permanent or within a specific time frame, among other options.

Welcome Messages

These are automatic response messages customized for customers who contact you for the first time or customers who haven't contacted you for a certain period. Write a welcome message and specify preferred recipient types.

Quick Replies

A convenient way to access frequently used phrases and responses during customer communication. Prepare quick replies with shortcut trigger words that always start with a "/" symbol.


This is a method for categorizing customers you interact with into multiple predefined categories based on their type. You can manage these categories, add new ones, or modify existing categories, and they are added to customers by long-pressing the conversation.

Daily Stories, Privacy, and Security

Like the regular WhatsApp version, you can control the privacy settings for your WhatsApp Business account. You can choose to show or hide your last seen status, profile picture, status, location, and read message indicators.

You can also control incoming notifications, chat backgrounds, and prevent automatic media downloads. You can also share your daily stories, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours, to promote various products in your business activity.

Features of the WhatsApp Business App

  • A dedicated version of WhatsApp for managing business activities.
  • Share text, images, videos, and voice recordings.
  • Share current location details and contact information.
  • Make high-quality voice and video calls.
  • Record information about your business, location, and email.
  • Automatically respond to customer messages outside business hours.
  • Welcome messages for new or inactive customers.
  • Ready-made replies triggered by specific shortcut words.
  • Categorize customers into multiple categories based on their type.
  • Share daily stories, automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • Adjust privacy and security settings to protect your account.

Download the WhatsApp Business app tailored for managing business activities, WhatsApp Business, for free from the Downzen website by clicking the download button at the top of the page.

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