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Play, chat, and make new friends with HAGO, the amazing online gaming platform for Android, explore more than 80 games available and compete against random people or players near you.

The good
A wide variety of competitive online games.
Ease of registration.
Opportunity to explore new friends.
Ability to Compete with your Facebook friends.
The bad
Not all games support the English language.
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To be able to use HAGO, you must first have an account, which you can easily do using your Facebook or Google account, you can also register directly with your phone number. As with any other platform, you will be asked to enter your personal information (name, age, etc.) and that's it.

 Explore more the 80 online games

Once you log in to your account you will be presented with every available game in the platform along with the current number of players in that game. There are many types of games for all tastes, from board games to interactive real-time games.


Every game in HAGO is meant to be played online with other players, it is, after all, an online platform, so expect no offline games.  After selecting one of the available games, you will be connected to a random player to be your opponent, to win you need to finish the game faster than the opponent, at the end of the game the winner will be determined with the option to request a rematch or search for a new contestant.

Discover new friends

A big part of HAGO is to connect with others and make new friends from all over the world, for this reason, it has a social networking features built into it, where you can look-up people and send them friend requests (the app itself will suggest new friends for you), it is also possible to connect with your Facebook friends and challenge them in one of the 80+ games offered by HAGO.

Chat rooms

It might be old-school, but chat rooms are just awesome! HAGO has chat-rooms as part of the online experience where you can participate in all discussions taking place in the HAGO community and connect with other players and make new friends.

HAGO features

  • Awesome app with over 80 online games.
  • Easy registration using Facebook or Google accounts, or directly with mobile phone number.
  • Different types of online games.
  • Very competitive and fun games.
  • Optional rematch feature.
  • Opportunity to discover new friends.
  • Chat-rooms for the HAGO community.

Download the latest version of HAGO

Get the latest version of HAGO 3.42.1 with a direct and fast download link via Downzenby clicking the download button on this page.

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    Android 4.3 and up
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  3. android.permission.ACCESS_LOCATION_EXTRA_COMMANDS
  4. android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  5. android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  6. android.permission.BLUETOOTH
  7. android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN
  8. android.permission.CAMERA
  9. android.permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE
  10. android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE
  11. android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE
  12. android.permission.EXPAND_STATUS_BAR
  13. android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE
  14. android.permission.GET_PERMISSIONS
  15. android.permission.INTERNET
  16. android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS
  17. android.permission.READ_APP_BADGE
  18. android.permission.READ_CONTACTS
  19. android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  20. android.permission.REAL_GET_TASK
  21. android.permission.RECEIVE_USER_PRESENT
  22. android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO
  23. android.permission.REORDER_TASKS
  24. android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES
  25. android.permission.VIBRATE
  26. android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  27. android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  28. android.permission.WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS
  29. com.anddoes.launcher.permission.UPDATE_COUNT
  30. com.android.launcher.permission.INSTALL_SHORTCUT
  31. com.android.launcher.permission.UNINSTALL_SHORTCUT
  32. com.android.vending.BILLING
  33. com.coloros.mcs.permission.RECIEVE_MCS_MESSAGE
  34. com.google.android.c2dm.permission.RECEIVE
  35. com.google.android.finsky.permission.BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE
  36. com.heytap.mcs.permission.RECIEVE_MCS_MESSAGE
  37. com.htc.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
  38. com.htc.launcher.permission.UPDATE_SHORTCUT
  39. com.huawei.android.launcher.permission.CHANGE_BADGE
  40. com.huawei.android.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
  41. com.huawei.android.launcher.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
  42. com.huawei.appmarket.service.commondata.permission.GET_COMMON_DATA
  43. com.majeur.launcher.permission.UPDATE_BADGE
  44. com.oppo.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
  45. com.oppo.launcher.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
  46. com.sec.android.provider.badge.permission.READ
  47. com.sec.android.provider.badge.permission.WRITE
  48. com.sonyericsson.home.permission.BROADCAST_BADGE
  49. com.sonymobile.home.permission.PROVIDER_INSERT_BADGE
  50. com.yy.hiyo.permission.JPUSH_MESSAGE
  51. com.yy.hiyo.permission.MIPUSH_RECEIVE
  52. com.yy.hiyo.permission.PROCESS_PUSH_MSG
  53. com.yy.hiyo.permission.PUSH_PROVIDER
  54. com.zing.zalo.permission.ACCESS_THIRD_PARTY_APP_AUTHORIZATION
  55. me.everything.badger.permission.BADGE_COUNT_READ
  56. me.everything.badger.permission.BADGE_COUNT_WRITE

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Hago - Match among us players and more

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