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Brawl Stars

A unique multiplayer battle game from Supercell


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Brawl Stars is a game from Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. The game has a unique gameplay style and feel to it, play solo or in a team, choose your battlefield and unlock new characters.

The good
Rich in characters.
Daily events.
Create teams and join clubs.
Brawl boxes and game store.
Friendly challenges mode.
The bad
No offline mode.
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Ammar Kurd
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Intro to Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is created by the famous gaming company Supercell the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hey Day and Boom Beach. The game was released in late 2017 in Canada, but then was released globally on December 12th of 2018, the game was received positively from gamers across the globe.

As usual with Supercell games it requires an Internet connection to play the game, it is an online game where you play against other players either alone or within a team. The game is rich in characters you can unlock new characters as you advance in the game.

The game has different events and challenges on a daily basis, some events require a number a minimum number of trophies to join the game, special events have different rules than the usual.  


The game has 22 different characters, each with different abilities, weapons and styles. As you progress in the game you will be able to unlock new characters. You can also upgrade your character’s level up to level 10.

There are six kinds of characters: Common Brawlers, Rare Brawlers, Super Rare Brawlers, Epic Brawlers, Mythic Brawlers and Legendary Brawlers. Below is a detailed discussion about all the Brawlers:

Common Brawlers

You get Common Brawlers by playing the game and winning trophies, unlike the other Brawlers that come as gifts.

  • Shelly

    The first character in the game, Shelly has moderate weapon power and health with mid to low range, her weapon is the Shotgun.
  • Nita

    Unlocked after you gain 15 trophies, moderate weapon power and low range, the weapon is the shockwave and the Big Baby Bear.
  • Colt

    Unlocked after you get 60 trophies, he has a low health but high weapon power and low range, his weapon is as his name suggest is a handgun.
  • Bull

    Unlocked after 250 trophies, he has high health with a moderate weapon power in a low and wide range, his weapon is the double barrel shotgun.
  • Jessie

    Unlocked after you get 500 trophies, she has moderate mid-range weapon power called Shock Rifle.
  • Brock

    Unlocked after obtaining 100 trophies, he has low health but high weapon power with high range, his weapon is the Rockin' Rocket.
  • Dynamike

    Unlocked with 2000 trophies, this old man has low health (obviously) but a high power mid-range weapon his Attack is called Short Fuse, where he throws dynamite sticks.
  • Bo

    Unlocked with 3000 trophies, he has high health and deals moderate damage with his long range Eagle-eyed attack.

Rare Brawlers

  • El Primo

    He has high health and deals high damage from a close range, his attack is called Fists of Fury
  • Barley

    He has low health but high weapon power with a long range, his attack is called Undiluted where he throws explosive bottles.
  • Poco

    He has moderate health and weapon power, his attack is Power Chord where he sends killer waves of music.

Super Rare Brawlers

  • Darryl

    He has High health and moderate weapon power with a short firing range, his attack is Double Deuce where he is using double barrel shotgun.
  • Ricochet

    He is low on health but makes it up with a very long firing range, his attack is Bouncy Bullets which has moderate power.
  • Penny

    Her health is moderate, her attack is Plunderbuss that deals high damage at a moderate distance.

Epic Brawlers

  • Frank

    He looks like Frankenstein, he is mighty strong and he has a hammer. His attack Hammer Hit is super powerful that deals damage at a moderate distance.
  • Piper

    This nice lady is fierce, despite her low health she has a powerful attack that deals damage over a long distance.
  • Pam

    She has high health but a moderate attack power that deals damage over a long distance. Her attack is the Scrapstorm.

Mythic Brawlers

  • Mortis

    They say he is a close friend with Dracula, others say they are rivals, anyway he has moderate health and moderate attack power over a short range. His attack is the Life Blood.
  • Tara

    This mysterious character deals moderate damage using tarot cards over a long distance. Her health is moderate as well. Her attack is called Triple Tarot.

Legendary Brawlers

  • Leon

    He has moderate health and a high attack power over a long distance, his attack is called Leaf Blade but his special power is invisibility.
  • Crow

    He has low health and moderate attack power, his attack is Knife Toss where he throws triple poisoned daggers.
  • Spike

    He has low health but decent attack power over a distance. His attack is called Needle Grenade

Game events

The player can choose between many different game modes, that you can play with your favorite character. Every mode will differ in some aspects of the game, such as the arena, the game’s rules and other aspects. Every time the player clicks on the events, you will have three events out of five available, the events change on daily basis, you can try out any event by playing a friendly game without losing any of your trophies.

  • Gem Grab

    This mode is played 3 on 3, with the target of collecting as many gems as possible from the gem mine in the center of the arena or collecting the gems from the other team by defeating them. To win the game the team has to keep 10 gems for the duration of the countdown.
  • Showdown

    This mode is played either solo or within a team to compete against 9 other players or teams. The goal is to survive the entire duration of the game the last team standing at the end is the winner.
  • Heist

    This mode is played in two teams of 3 with the goal of destroying the other team’s safe while trying to protect your team safe. If the time ends before either of the two teams succeeds in destroying the other’s safe, the team that caused more damage is the winner.
  • Bounty

    This mode is played in two teams of 3, the goal is to collect stars by beating the opponent teams, every time you win your star reward is increased by one star for a maximum of 7 stars.
  • Brawl Ball

    This mode is played in two teams of 3, the objective is to get the ball into the opponent's team goal. The team that scores two goals wins.


The game controls are really good and seamless. On the left side of the screen, you will have a virtual gamepad to control the movement of your character, on the right side of the screen is the weapon controller.

Creating teams and clubs

By connecting your game’s account with your Facebook account, you can invite your friends to join your team, or can also join a club, from there you can Brawl with gamers from your club or connect with them in the club’s chat.

Brawl Boxes and the store

The game has its own store where you can get daily offers, you also get a Brawl Box every day that contains gold coins and power points, you can use the gold coins to buy power points as well, you can use the power points to upgrade your characters.

Brawl Stars features

  • It is an online game, so it requires an Internet connection.
  • Rich in characters.
  • Each character has a unique style.
  • Ability to upgrade your characters.
  • Daily events.
  • Friendly challenges, without losing trophies.
  • Store and Brawl Boxes.
  • Teams and clubs.

Download the latest version of Brawl Stars 54.243 for free right here at Downzen, just click the download button on this page for a direct and fast download link.

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