InstaSize Photo Editor+Resizer

InstaSize Photo Editor+Resizer

Photo editor for content creators

Instasize, Inc.

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Get the best filters and effects, and arrange photos in a single frame to capture your best memories with Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage. You can add photos directly from the camera, gallery, or from your favorite cloud-based storage service.

The good
Great user interface.
Nice and simple collage creator.
Keeps the edited images for better management and organization.
Background image feature.
The bad
Maximum of 6 photos in the collage.
The user can't undo the changes he/she makes to the photo.
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Ammar Kurd
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Filters and effects

Having a handy photo editor on your phone today is necessary, especially if you are active on social media platforms. Instasize supports a wide range of filters and effects which make your photos more beautiful and will give them their own authentic look.

Instasize User Interface

The first thing you'll notice about Instasize is the nice user interface. It's one of the best user interfaces we've ever reviewed. It is simple and well organized. In every step, such as when importing photos, exploring filters, or compiling photos in a single frame (create a collage), you get the same great user experience.

Importing photos

You can add new photos by clicking the Add New Photo button on the bottom. This allows you to take a photo directly from your device's camera, browse the gallery and add photos from there, or get photos from your favorite cloud-based storage service like Google Drive.

Photo editing tools

Upon importing photos to Instasize, a collection of tools, filters, and effects will appear as a toolbar at the bottom. Those tools include.

  • Filters

    Instasize has many filters grouped in collections marked using colors. You can try a certain filter and see its effects on your photo immediately. You can also adjust the intensity of the filter using a slider.
  • Manual tool

    This tool allows you to change some photo settings such as brightness, contrast, exposure, shadow, and saturation, as well as other effects such as image blur, etc.
  • Photo resizing and cutting tool

    You can cut parts of the photo using a square cutting tool or use a free cutting tool, you can also resize the image to different sizes (1:1, 4:3, …) which is very useful for social media platforms.
  • Writing and adding text on photos

    Instasize supports a lot of fonts and text customization such as text color and size.
  • Adding backgrounds

    This tool makes it easy to add a background image by resizing the original photo and make a surrounding image as a background.
  • Image rotation

    This tool allows you to rotate the image vertically or horizontally up to 90 degrees.

Compiling a collage 

You can easily create a collage using Instasize, which is a great way to organize and present your albums. Using this feature is very easy, just select the images you want to appear on the collage, then they will be compiled automatically for you. You can rearrange the images the way you like, and a background image as well.

Saving and sharing photos

Once you are done with customizing your photos or creating your collage you can easily save the resulted image on your device and share it to social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat directly from Instasize.

Instasize premium

The free version of Instasize has many filters and effects, but, there are more filters and effects available in the premium version and more filters are being added monthly to premium subscribers, in addition to that the premium version is ad-free.

Managing and organizing images

Instasize keeps all the processed images so that you can return to them at any time and change anything as you feel like, which is a great way to manage and organize your work.

Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage features

  • Great app to edit and customize photos with many great built-in tools.
  • Amazing and easy to use user interface.
  • Supports adding photos using the camera directly or from any cloud-based storage service.
  • Several free filters and effects.
  • Well organized and easy to access any tool or filter.
  • Ability to control the intensity of the effects and filters with a slider.
  • Ability to add text to photos with support for many fonts and customizations.
  • Basic tools to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, shadow, and saturation.
  • Amazing free background images.
  • Free collage creator.
  • Save images to your local storage or share them to social media platforms.

Download Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage

Get the latest version of Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage features 4.3.2 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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