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VIMAGE - cinemagraph animator & live photo editor, was voted one of the best applications of 2018 by Google. Add animated filters on the image to create a nice video effect, save it on your phone or simply share it on Instagram.

The good
Many free animated filters.
Free collection of ready-to-use images.
The filters are highly customizable.
Possibility to view the creations of others to get inspired by them.
The bad
Only one filter can be applied to the image.
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Ammar Kurd
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What is VIMAGE editor?

VIMAGE is a unique app that offers a wonderful service. It transforms still images into a vibrant animation by using clever effects and awesome filters. 

Getting animated filters

There are plenty of filters in the app, which are displayed in an animated way so that users can preview the effect before downloading and applying it to a specific image. There are so many filters such as smoke, fire, fireworks, snowfall, rain, and moving stars. Selecting and applying a filter is as simple as clicking on it.

You can be inspired by the work of other users who publish their creations on Instagram with the hashtag #VIMAGEOFTHEDAY. You can explore these creations in the app itself. 

New projects and importing images

Simply press the Add (+) button to start a new project. Then you need to add images, which can be done either by selecting images from the phone's gallery or by selecting images from the app's downloadable and free gallery. Then you can cut out the pictures, rotate them, control the lighting, contrast, and colors of the pictures. You can also add a blur effect or change the colors.

Add animated filters

All filters appear at the bottom of the app's interface, and as mentioned above, you can easily apply the filter by clicking on it. You can get more free filters by downloading them from the app's store. Once you have selected a filter, it will appear on the image within a square box, the size of which can be determined by the user.

When the filter is applied to the image with the appropriate size, the user can then change its speed. In addition, the user can also rotate the filter effect, increase the color saturation, add a blur effect, or cut a part of the effect. You can also change the level of lighting, contrast, and transparency to get the best possible result.

Manage and share your projects

When you're done editing, the final result is displayed and you can save it to your phone or share it directly on Instagram or other social media networks. All your creations are automatically saved in a dedicated tab where you can easily manage, delete, or share them.

VIMAGE - Animator for moving images and live image editing features

  • Great app for converting still images into beautiful animated pictures.
  • Was voted one of the best apps of 2018 by Google.
  • Displays filter in animated form and offers the possibility to preview the effect before downloading and using them.
  • Ability to add images from the phone's gallery or from the app's free image store.
  • Integrated image editing tools.
  • Previously downloaded filters are displayed in a very accessible and user-friendly way.
  • The filters are highly customizable.
  • Ability to save the resulting animation on the phone or share it directly on Instagram.

Download VIMAGE

Get the latest version of VIMAGE - cinemagraph animator & live photo editor with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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