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Pokémon GO

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Niantic, Inc.

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Pokémon GO is an Android augmented reality game created by Niantic, it is an adaptation of the famous Japanese animation. The game encourages players to go outside to capture Pokémons. The game won "Best Mobile Game" by The Game Developers Choice Awards and "Best App of the Year" by TechCrunch.

The good
Unique gameplay.
Encourages players to go outdoors.
Team up and battle with others.
The bad
The game is not available for all countries.
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Alaa Ibraheem
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The leading gaming company, Nintendo, in partnership with Niantic, has launched the much-anticipated game among gamers around the world, Pokémon GO, a game based on the popular anime series that we all watched, the Pokémon series.

Nintendo is one of the pioneering and oldest companies and is known for creating the very famous game, the Mario game. It seems that it has already returned to practice its favorite hobby of seizing the appropriate opportunities and choosing the best game for the audience. The new game Pokémon GO achieved in just a few days a huge sweep, according to the famous website SimilarWeb the number of Pokémon GO users matches the number of users of the famous social networking site Twitter.

The company was not satisfied with this, and in just a few days, it achieved profits that amounted to seven billion dollars, a really huge sum if we compare it to the period since the game was published.

If you watched the famous anime series, it will be easy for you to understand the game. In addition, you have to use the GPS feature to locate the Pokémon scattered in your city in order to get them. We will mention the most important features of the game quickly.

Pokemon GO feature

  • A social interactive game that you can play with those around you.
  • You must search for Pokémon in your city.
  • The GPS must be turned on before starting to play in order to locate Pokémon from the map.
  • You can select the character you like male or female.
  • Go to an environment similar to that of the Pokémon you want to catch.
  • After you catch any Pokémon, you will be shown complete information about your new Pokémon.

Questions about Pokémon GO:

What is Pokémon?

Some may wonder about the meaning of the word Pokémon, as it is a Japanese word and means pocket monster, as each monster or Pokémon has its own fighting abilities, and therefore Pokémon Go allows you to collect Pokémon, train them, and go on an adventure with them together.

What are Poké Balls?

The Poké Ball is a white and red ball used to catch Pokémon and keep them inside, after that, the Pokémon becomes yours and under your control, so you train and develop it to make it stronger to win competitions against your friends.

What is Pokéstop?

While you are in the midst of the Pokémon Go game, you will be surprised by the blue cubes that appear on the playing map, which is called Pokéstop. When you get closer to it, it will provide you with many Pokémon balls, and here is a hint where to get Pokéstop, you will always find it in the famous or tourist places in your area.

What is Pokémon GO Plus?

Pokémon Go Plus

It is a small gadget, which helps you go to another level of playing in Pokémon Go, as it allows you to interact with the game while not paying attention to your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and informs you of everything new in the game. For example, when there is a Pokémon near you, or you are close to any Pokéstop, the Pokémon Go Plus gadget will alert you.

When the Pokémon is close to you, all you have to do is press the button to throw the Poké ball and catch it, and the gadget will tell you by flashing and vibrating if you successfully managed to catch the Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Plus Requirements

For Pokémon Go Plus to be compatible with your smartphone, your phone's RAM must be 2GB or more. In addition, you must have an Android version of 4.4 or more, and the Bluetooth version of your device must be Bluetooth 4.0 or more in order to ensure that the device is compatible with the game installed on your device.

Two Pokémon GO accounts on the same device:

Opening two accounts for the game Pokémon Go is very simple so that you can face two different teams with different Pokémon and characters, and in order to get this great feature, you have to do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Parallel Space app and download it to your device.
  2. After you have downloaded the Parallel Space app, install it on your Android device.
  3. The app will allow you to run two different Pokémon Go accounts at the same time on your Android device.
  4. When you open the Parallel Space interface, you will be asked to choose the app or game for which you would like to open a second account.
  5. Select the Pokémon GO icon to add the game to the app, which will allow you to register a Pokémon account.
  6. When you reach this stage, you will have two different Pokémon Go accounts on the same device and you are ready.

How to download and install Pokémon Go on your smartphone

Video explaining how to install and download the game Pokémon on Android devices

How to download Pokémon Go on the computer

We at Downzen provide you with a way to download the wonderful game Pokémon Go for PC by running the game on an emulating program for the Android platform called Nox App Player, the program features an easy-to-use interface, just follow the following steps:

  1. Download Nox App Player version 3.7 and above and install it on your computer.
  2. You will make some changes to the Nox program in order to run the game perfectly, as shown in the pictures above.
  3. Download the Pokémon GO APK version by clicking on the download button at the top of the page.
  4. Drag the APK file of the game into the Nox program.
  5. After completing the installation process of Pokémon Go and changing the settings for the Nox program, start playing and capturing the Pokémon around you.

Requirements of Pokémon GO for PC

As we know that Pokémon Go game contains high-quality graphics, and the playing area is huge, so the minimum requirements for running a computer to ensure that the game does not stop while playing are as follows:

  • At least 2 GB of RAM.
  • The processor must be 2.2 GHz and it is preferable that you own a device that has an i3 processor or higher.
  • Storage space at least 2 GB.
  • The Graphic card must be at least 1 GB.

Download the game, it is worth trying, and you should know that the game is not available on Google Play Store for Arab countries, but Downzen has provided it to you in the APK format so that you can share it with your friends.

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