Private Zone - AppLock & Vault

Take control of your privacy

Leomaster(AppLock & Privacy)

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Take control of your privacy
It is time for you to take control of your privacy with Private Zone - AppLock & Vault, this app enables you to hide apps, videos and photos from nosy people around you plus other awesome features such as taking pictures for anyone trying to access your private files and apps.

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No alternatives found for this operating system!
No alternatives found for this operating system!

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Private Zone - AppLock & Vault

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DescriptionOverall privacy protection appTake control of your privacy
The good
          • Intruder selfie.
          • Fake cover.
          • Photos and videos encryption.
          • Scan the device for privacy and performance enhancement suggestions.
                • Support for password or pattern.
                • Anti-theft features.
                • Does not consume device resources.
                • Track stolen device feature.
                • Simple and attractive UI.
                    The bad
                            • Displays too many ads.
                                  • Randomly asks you to enter your password without attempting to open a locked app.
                                      Downzen rating5.
                                      Users rating3.
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                                      Private Zone - AppLock & Vault

                                      Leomaster(AppLock & Privacy)

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