Eusing Maze Lock

Eusing Maze Lock

Pattern lock for Windows

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Eusing Maze Lock is a program to lock the Windows screen with a pattern similar to the lock used on smartphones such as Android and iPhone.

The good
Small size.
Very secure and harder to bypass.
Easy to use.
Supports custom backgrounds and transparency.
Ability to export the pattern to an image for future reference.
The bad
There isn't any online service to restore the pattern in case the user forgot it.
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Ammar Kurd
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Eusing Maze Lock for Windows

It's time to protect your computer from anyone trying to snoop on your privacy in a new way on Microsoft Windows. Eusing Maze Lock does it, but not in the old-fashioned Windows style of alphanumeric passwords, it uses a pattern similar to Android and iOS systems for smartphones, the pattern is drawn using the computer mouse.

How to use Eusing Maze Lock 

The program is one of the easiest programs in terms of usability, once installed it will lock your screen using a default pattern used with all installations of the software, you need to change that pattern and then save it in the form of a BMP image on your computer or on your mobile or cloud storage so you can retrieve that pattern if you forget it.

Eusing Maze Lock supports some customizations, such as changing the number of points in the lock, It will automatically give you a 9-point (3 * 3) pattern matrix, but you can opt for 16-point (4 * 4) or 25-point (5 * 5) pattern.

Another great option is to change the lock background to any image or choose a transparent style in which Windows desktop appears behind the lock screen. 

There are many options, such as automatic locking after a certain period, displaying a warning message to the intruder, locking the computer automatically when you enter the wrong password several times, and there are still many other options that you will discover yourself.

What happens after Eusing Maze Lock is setup?

After you have made the appropriate settings press the keyboard buttons combination Windows + A button and you will see the lock screen or you can click on the icon of Eusing Maze Lock, which appears in the taskbar notification area next to the clock.

To unlock the screen draw the pattern you entered in the setup phase by moving the mouse pointer in the maze. There is another option to enter the pattern using the keyboard, by choosing the keyboard icon you will see letters on the maze then you can trace your pattern by entering the corresponding letters.

Eusing Maze Lock shows the clock and date on the lock screen similar to the Android lock screen. It will also display an intruder warning message written by you in any language.

Note: The keyboard hot-key Windows + A is not the official Windows lock. If you want to lock the screen using the default password style then press the keyboard combination Windows + L.

Download Eusing Maze Lock

To get the latest version of Eusing Maze Lock 4.1 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen, then click the download button on this page.

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