Truck Simulator : Ultimate

Truck Simulator : Ultimate

Truck Driving and Cargo Delivery Simulation Game Between Cities

Zuuks Games

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Truck Simulator: Ultimate is a game that simulates truck driving and cargo delivery between various cities. Build your own delivery company, hire drivers, and drive the truck skillfully on the roads while adhering to traffic rules.

The good
Stunning graphics for simulating nature and weather conditions.
Realistic truck driving with many options.
Plenty of refreshing cargo delivery missions.
The bad
The prices of new trucks are very high.
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Mohammed Samir
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Truck Driving Simulator Game

This game offers a fantastic experience in truck driving, but not only that, you will have your own transport company, and there are many different missions waiting for you to complete and enjoy playing.

  • Setting up new company data:

    The first step to take is to create your own company, including choosing a suitable name and logo for it, and the country where it operates. If you're a previous player, you can easily recover your previous data.
  • High-quality graphics:

    All game elements have been designed with very high quality, including the appearance of trucks and the details of the nature on the roads you travel. For medium-range phones, the game supports reducing graphic quality to run smoothly.

Creating Your Own Company and Managing It

Each player has their own cargo transport company, and it is managed in all aspects, such as development, hiring, business management, and more. This gives the player a variety of tasks to accomplish.

  • Building development and hiring:

    To increase the company's income, it must be continually developed. There are several departments in the company, including management, employees, a restaurant, and more. All of these departments can be upgraded, and new elements can be added.
  • Obtaining new trucks:

    In the garage, there is a range of trucks available for purchase. As the company's level and income increase, buy more trucks and add them to the company's assets.
  • Accepting cargo transport missions:

    The main event in the game is accepting cargo transport missions between cities. A list of constantly updated missions is displayed, with details on the type of cargo, distance, and the reward you will receive.

Skillful Truck Driving Between Cities

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Truck Simulator is the experience of driving trucks between cities. The natural scenery throughout the drive is stunning, and the driving itself requires skill and focus on many aspects, making it semi-realistic.

  • Choosing the weather conditions on the road:

    The game allows you to change the weather conditions according to your preference before starting a cargo transport mission. You can add rain or snow and make the time day or night, among many other options.
  • Loading cargo and starting the drive:

    Before starting the drive, you must connect the truck's trailer to the cargo, and then a map will immediately appear to guide you on the right path. When you reach the delivery location, expertly park the truck in the designated spot.
  • Monitoring fuel and driver status:

    Pay attention to the truck's fuel indicator and use refueling stations on the way. The driver also needs sleep and food to maintain optimal mental condition.
  • Truck driving style:

    There are many buttons to provide a more realistic truck driving experience, such as changing gears, turning on the air conditioning, cleaning the front windshield, turning on the headlights, and more. You can also choose your preferred control style, whether through the steering wheel, buttons, or tilting the phone.
  • Changing the camera angle:

    While driving the truck, you can change the camera angle to view the truck from various positions. Some cameras can be rotated 360 degrees, and you may need to change the camera angle when parking the truck or to view the surroundings.

Features of Truck Simulator: Ultimate Game

  • Enjoyable truck driving simulation on long roads.
  • Extremely beautiful designs for the natural scenery and weather conditions on the road.
  • Create your own cargo transport company and manage it efficiently.
  • Hire drivers and develop the company's building to increase income.
  • A variety of trucks available for purchase with varying capabilities.
  • A list of many cargo transport missions that can be accepted.
  • Transport different types of cargo between many cities.
  • Wonderful and realistic truck driving style and control.
  • Change the camera view to many beautiful and diverse angles.

You can download the Truck Driving Simulator Game Truck Simulator: Ultimate [latest version] for free from the Downzen website's download section.

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