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WhatsApp Messenger application free, fast and easy communication your friends and family, send text messages, images, videos and more.

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Easy to register.
End-to-end encryption of chats.
Media download control.
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The maximum number of members in one group is 256 only.
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Chat apps

Online chat apps are among the most important apps on smartphones, due to their great importance and usefulness in the process of social communication between users. They are used to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world, and they are free and do not need registration for most of them.

Because of the large number of chat apps, it has become difficult for the user to choose an appropriate app, as all apps compete with each other to provide the best services to gain user satisfaction, and tech companies are racing to issue more social networking apps in the hope of achieving success and increasing the number of their users.

Chat Apps and SMS

Chat apps are replacing SMS messages that are less used, as telecom companies deduct an amount from your balance when you use SMS messages. While chat apps are free and require an internet connection only, users use chat apps to communicate with others in most cases. 


WhatsAppis one of the most important chat apps present on the Internet, and it is the most popular app among users, with the number of its users reaching more than one billion users. This is not surprising given the great and continuous effort that is being made to develop the WhatsAppchat service. 

The beginning

The beginning of WhatsAppwas in 2009 when Jan Koum launched an initial application that replaces SMS and MMS messages. The phone number was relied upon as the only way to register to the app, without the need to enter an email or additional information, which helped in the spread of the app significantly at that time. 

Rising popularity

There are several reasons that helped the spread of WhatsAppwidely among users, such as providing the app for all phone systems and supporting a very large number of languages around the world. Also, the app does not contain any ads at all, and the fact that it received sums for investments helped in the development of the service very significantly and its resounding success.

An amazing success

Over the years, WhatsAppachieved great success, and the number of users increased very significantly, it reached one billion users in the year 2016, and it got one million new users daily, and millions of messages and photos are shared on a daily basis between users, and 100 million calls are made through the app.

Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp

With the spread of WhatsAppamong users, it became a source of threat to the social networking giant Facebook, especially since WhatsAppis more private and easier to use, so Facebook had to make a move, which was actually done in 2014 when it purchased WhatsAppservice in a huge deal totaling $19 billion.

Download WhatsApp

You can download WhatsAppon your phone, whatever the phone type. The app supports all existing phone systems, such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and some Nokia devices. You can also download the WhatsAppprogram for computers running on Windows or Mac, and you can access the service via the computer for the rest of the other systems, as we will mention later.

Download WhatsApp for Android

You can download the new WhatsApp from Downzenfor free in its latest version by clicking on the download button, in addition, you can download the previous versions of WhatsAppby clicking on the old versions button next to the version number.

Install WhatsApp

After downloading the WhatsAppapp file, open it to begin the installation process. Sometimes you may encounter a message telling you that the installation is prohibited for security reasons, just press the Settings button in the message. And then activate the option ofuntrusted sources, and then re-install the app again to complete the process successfully.

WhatsApp update

As we mentioned previously, WhatsAppis being developed continuously, and with each new update, more new features are added that help users use the app better, sometimes WhatsAppupdate is mandatory, and the app will not work unless you update it to the latest version.


WhatsAppdoes not ask you for an email or password to register to it, all it asks for is an activated phone number. Make sure that your phone number is currently working and select the country key and then type your phone number. Select the way to verify that you are the owner of the phone number, whether by sending an activation code by SMS to the phone or by calling you to tell you your activation code.

WhatsApp interface

WhatsAppis characterized by a very simple interface, as it contains several main tabs for the most important elements used on the app. It also displays a long list of the chats you are interacting with now, in addition to a floating action button that changes functions depending on the tab you are in, in addition to the search button and the options button. We will now explain the most important functions of the WhatsAppinterface.

Main tabs in the interface

There are four main tabs on the app interface as follows:

  • Chats 

    In it, you will find a list of all the chats you've made with friends or groups you've joined, and it's the default tab when you open WhatsApp.

  • Status

    All the daily stories of the contacts saved on your phone appear in this tab.

  • Calls

    You can see the history of the calls you made, with the possibility of making a new free call.

  • Camera

    You can take photos and share with different chats on WhatsAppor share them as a daily story.

Chats' list

The list of chats in the interface contains different information, the name and profile picture of the person or group you joined are displayed, and the date the last message was sent in the chat is displayed, in addition to the last message sent in the chat, and you can swipe up to view more chats.

Multifunction Floating Action Button

At the bottom, there is a floating action button while browsing the main tabs WhatsApp. You can create a new chat, take a photo to share in the status, or make a new call with someone, and the function of this button varies depending on the tab.

Search button

At the top of the interface, there is a search icon that enables you to search on WhatsApp. When you click on the icon, the search bar will appear, type the words you want to search for, and the search results will be displayed divided into two groups, results for the names of chats and results for messages within the chats.

Dealing with the chat's list

The list of chats appears arranged according to the last interaction, the last chat you interacted with will appear at the top, and when you receive a new message for one of the chats, it will automatically move to the top with the number of incoming and unread messages displayed, with some additional information about the chat displayed.

Pin chats at the top

Although the chats are automatically arranged according to their last interaction, users can always pin only three of their favorite chats to the top, in order to facilitate access to the chats that you interact with more than others. Tap and hold a chat to select it then tap the pin icon at the top.

Archive chats

You can hide some chats that you have not interacted with for a very long time, by adding them to the chat archive, long pressing on the chat or old chats to select, and then clicking on the archive box icon. Chats will always be collected in the archive below under the heading Archived, and chats can be unarchived later.

Chat shortcuts

In the list of chats, you can click on the chat image to bring up the chat window, where the profile's picture is displayed more clearly. In the same window, shortcuts appear below the image to chat, make a voice or video call, or go to the user's private page, and for groups, the audio and video call shortcuts do not appear.


When you receive a new message, you will be notified even if you are not using WhatsAppat the time. Through the notification menu on the phone, you can preview the recent messages in different chats, and some advanced Android systems support the process of replying to the message directly from the notification list without having to open WhatsApp.

Mute notifications

Some people in the chat send a very large number of messages, and there are groups in which the interaction does not stop. The constant notifications of new messages can be annoying, so you can turn off notifications for some chats by selecting them and choosing a maximum period of eight hours, a week, or a year to turn off notifications.

Additional options

When you select a chat or a group of chats by pressing and holding, you can do several additional options such as adding a chat shortcut on the phone home screen, marking chat messages as read without opening them, viewing the contact details of the chat, or deleting the chat with the media sent in it from the phone.

Setting your profile

On WhatsApp, it is preferable to do this step before moving to chats and sharing texts and media. Your profile information will appear to others, and the profile can be prepared from the settings then click on your name at the top.

Choose a profile picture

You can choose your personal photo by taking it via the phone’s camera, or you can choose a photo from the gallery, and WhatsAppdisplays the different photo albums, and after choosing the photo, you must crop the important part to become a square shape, then the photo will appear to others in a beautiful circular shape.

Setting the profile's name and about info

You can write your name suitable for you on WhatsAppto appear to people who do not keep your number on their phones, especially in groups that include a large number of people who do not know each other. It is also possible to enter a specific text in the (about) section, this text is supposed to express your current status, or inform friends of specific news and other uses.


Chat on WhatsAppis very distinct, it allows users to exchange many different things quickly and instantly, such as sending photos, documents, video, audio, current location, or contacts, as well as exchanging emojis, stickers, and gifs that are abundant in chat.

Chat's interface

The interface contains a top bar that contains the name of the person or group in addition to the icons for voice and video calls. A bottom bar that includes the message section for text chat, as well as different buttons for sharing media and the button to send the message. In the center, messages appear with an indication of the time of the message.

State of messages in the chat

When you send a message to the other party, you can know its state, as a certain symbol appears next to all the messages you send, and these symbols mean the following:

  • Clock icon

    The message has not yet been sent due to an unavailable internet connection.
  • The one check symbol

    The message has been sent but has not yet reached the other party.
  • The double check symbol

    The message has been received by the other party, but he hasn't read it yet.
  • Double-check in blue

    The other party has read the message (this symbol only works when the message read indicators feature is turned on).

Share media in the chat

WhatsApp supports sharing almost all types of media. From the media button, you can share a photo or a group of photos from the camera or from the gallery. Files of different types can also be sent, as well as sharing your current location or any location on the map, or sharing the details of a specific contact.

Edit photos before sharing

When you share a photo, you can make some editing to it before you share it. The image can be cropped and rotated, texts can be added to it and colored, or freehand draw on the photo, or add various stickers such as time, location, arrows, and circles to identify an important part of the image, as well as stickers in the form of beautiful emojis.

Audio recordings

You can share audio recordings in real-time; there is an icon for audio recordings at the bottom bar. You can press and hold the (Mic) button to start recording the audio and then raise your finger to be sent directly, or swipe towards the right to cancel the recording, and you can also swipe up to continue recording without long pressing.

Interact with messages in the chat

You can interact with messages in several ways by holding and selecting them, then choosing one of the following options:

  • Reply to a specific message in the chat to make it clear that the reply is related to the selected message.
  • Reply to a specific message in the chat to make it clear that the reply is related to the selected message.
  • Forward the message or group of messages to another chat.
  • Know the message's details, such as the time it reached the other party's phone and the time it was read.

Delete messages from the chat

One of the nice features of WhatsAppis that you can delete messages, and the app allows you to delete the messages that you sent to the other party, whether you sent them by mistake or for other reasons, and the message is erased from the other party’s phone as well. You can delete the message within an hour and eight minutes of sending it, after which you won't be able to delete the message.

Share stickers on WhatsApp

It is one of the features that have been recently added to WhatsApp, and the stickers can be accessed from the emoji button, and the app contains several sets of stickers. More collections of stickers can be downloaded online, and you can also create your own stickers on other apps and add them to WhatsApp, such as Personal stickers for WhatsApp and others.

Dealing with contacts

In the chat, you can click on the name of the person you are chatting with to go to their profile, where the person's profile picture appears clearly. You can view all the media that you have shared, and information such as the phone number on WhatsApp, shared groups, etc. appears, and for new numbers that message you, you can block them or add them to contacts.

Change chat's wallpaper

From the chat options, you can change the wallpaper for the chat, there are many options available for the wallpaper. You can choose a photo from the gallery, choose a fixed color for the wallpaper, choose a wallpaper from the app's wallpaper library, or make the chat without a wallpaper, you can return at any time to the default background.


On WhatsApp, you can send one message to several people at the same time, such as sending annual or weekly messages of congratulations or invitations to attend a specific event and others. This feature facilitates the process of communicating with the public, especially people who use WhatsApp for buying and selling, displaying products, and other uses.

Create a new broadcast

From the app options, click on a new broadcast message to show you a list of all friends on WhatsAppthen select the recipients of the message. The broadcast supports a maximum of 256 recipients, and you can share photos and messages with many people.

Edit broadcasts

The broadcast will appear to you within the chats in the interface, and you can edit the name of the broadcast to distinguish it from others, but its picture cannot be changed, and you can edit the recipients to delete them from the list or add new recipients, and the broadcast can be deleted at any time.

Groups on WhatsApp

WhatsAppsupports creating or joining groups, and you can create a group for family, classmates, close friends, and others. You can join groups designated for dating or buying and selling groups, and others, and the groups appear within the chats list on the main interface.

Create a new group

From the list of chats, you can create a new group by pressing the floating button at the bottom, or pressing the options button at the top and choosing a new group, then specify a friend as a minimum to be included in the group. After that, select the name of the group and choose a profile picture for it, be noted that 256 members are the maximum number of members per group.

Group settings for admins

When you create a group you will be the admin of it by default, and you can give some members of the group admin rights. There will be an option called group settings in which the group can be managed with some things such as allowing group information to be edited for members or admins only or making sending messages available to all members or only admins.

Join groups

You will be added to groups through the invitations you receive from group admins, where only the admin can add members to the group, and people can be invited to join via a link and share it in public groups or anywhere else, and anyone can join the group by clicking on the link.

Daily stories and Status 

Like other social networks and chat apps, WhatsAppsupports the feature of daily stories or statuses, which are a group of images and texts that are shared by users for 24 hours only, after which they are automatically erased, you can share your daily events and important and happy moments to all your friends. 

View status

You can go to the Status tab to see all the statuses that your friends on WhatsApphave shared. Statuses are displayed with a thumbnail of the image or text that was shared, the time when the status was shared by friends, and the viewed statuses are sorted into a viewed updates group.

Interact with status

When you click on any status, it will appear to you for a few seconds only, then you will automatically move to the next status of another friend, and in the case of sharing texts, the time of the status will be proportional to the length of the text in order to become available for reading. You can press and hold the image or text in the status to keep it displayed, and you can swipe down to close the status or swipe up to reply to the status in a private chat.

Share photos in status

You can also share a photo of your own in status with all your friends, from the floating action button in the Statustab, you can press the camera to take a photo and edit it by adding stickers, text, and drawings on it and then share it, and a photo or group of photos can be imported from the gallery.

Share texts in status

In addition to photos, texts in status can be shared. In the statustab, tap the pen floating action button, and then type or paste the text in case you copied it. You can change the text background to many colors, and emojis can also be added to the texts.

Status privacy on WhatsApp

You can control the privacy of the status that you share with friends, from the statustab, click on Optionsand then Privacy, and select who can see your status, whether contacts, contacts except for some people, or only share with people you choose. Privacy changes will only apply to future status and not to the status you previously shared.

Free online calls 

WhatsApp supports free voice and video calls. You can communicate with friends and family for free without the need to make a call through the telecom company that charges fees, and the call can be made via WhatsApp.

Free voice call

You can make a voice call with a friend directly from the chat, the phone icon appears at the top that indicates the voice call, and by pressing it, a new voice call will start. You can minimize the call interface and continue to chat during the voice call, and you can hold the call or switch to video call mode.

Make a video call

Similarly, you can make a video call from within the private chat by clicking on the video icon at the top, and the call can be accepted, rejected, or you can send a message that you are busy. When the call is accepted, the person will appear in full-screen mode, with you appearing in a small window at the bottom, and you can switch between the front and back camera during the call.

Call history

There is a main tab for viewing the call history on the app interface, and in the tab appears a list of the recent calls you have made or the calls you have received, with the time and type of the call displayed. From the Callstab, you can make a new call from the floating action button, where all the contacts appear, along with the voice call and video call icons.

Whatsapp web service

Through this service, you can use your computer to chat with friends the WhatsApp service via your Internet browser, and you can use any browser such as Google Chrome or Firefoxto use the WhatsAppWeb service, and all messages are synchronized between the phone and the browser.

How to use WhatsApp Web

  1. The first step

    From your browser on your computer, open the WhatsApp Web service page, and a QR Code will appear on the page.
  2. The second step

    From the WhatsApp app on the phone, press the Options button, then choose WhatsApp Web, the camera will open and you must check the code on the page on the computer, then the connection will be made directly between the phone and the browser.

Use WhatsApp Web

After completing the communication process between the phone and the web page on the browser, you will be able to chat with friends and groups shared in it. The list of chats will appear on the side of the screen, and you can open chats and share photos, videos, files, audio recordings, etc., and the phone must remain connected to the Internet while using the WhatsAppWeb service.

Differences between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp App

There are some advantages when you use WhatsAppWeb like typing faster on your computer keyboard and switching between chats quickly on the interface. However, there are some things you can't do on WhatsAppWeb like sharing a new status or making voice and video calls, and the settings have fewer options.

Privacy and security settings

When using WhatsApp, you must know the security and privacy options for your account, especially since it is possible to spread some photos that you do not want everyone to see. In addition to controlling the process of data use, when sharing different media in chats, you can go to the settings from the app options on the main interface.

Privacy settings

From the account settings, you can adjust the privacy options when using WhatsApp. You can decide who can see your personal information (everyone - my contacts - nobody) such as view your last seen in private chats, see your profile picture, read your about info, see the statuses you share.

Messages read indicator

It is a feature that allows you to know if the other party has read the message that you sent, and the double check mark appears in blue, this feature also allows others to know that you have read the message they sent as well. When you turn it off, other people will not be able to know that you have read their message, and you will not be able to know that others have read your message either.

Block and unlock chats

Some users encounter annoying chats that may offend them in any way. WhatsAppallows you to block these chats and prevent them from messaging you or making calls with you, and you can access the blocking options from the privacy settings to see the blocked contacts to unlock them in case you want to. 

Security and 2-Step Verification 

On WhatsApp, all chats are protected with end-to-end encryption, and no third party can see the messages exchanged between the two parties. The two-step verification feature can also be activated for more protection. This means that you must enter your identification code when you re-register your phone number on WhatsApp, and no one will be able to steal your account even if they own your phone number. 

Change your phone's number on WhatsApp 

Your phone number on WhatsAppis the most important thing in terms of logging in, as we mentioned, and if you change your phone number, you can transfer your account information and chats from the old number to the new number easily. Make sure your new number is activated and then enter the two phone numbers, you can choose some chats and groups to alert them that you changed your phone number on WhatsApp

Delete your WhatsApp account 

If you want to disconnect via WhatsApp, you can permanently delete your account from the service, and this means that you will clear all the history of the various chats, as well as you will exit from all your groups. To confirm this, write your phone number and then choose a reason or note for leaving WhatsAppif you wish to do so. 

Chats Settings 

One of the things that you will deal with most on WhatsAppis chats, from which you will get a lot of notifications continuously, so you should customize the chat and notifications to suit your own style of use. One of the things that you will deal with most on WhatsAppis chats, from which you will get a lot of notifications continuously, so you should customize the chat and notifications to suit your own style of use. 

Chat style 

You can control how messages are sent in the chat, the default way is to press the send button next to the text bar. You can change this method and send messages directly by pressing the send button from the keyboard instead of moving to a new line, and the font size on the chat screen can be selected from a small, medium, or large size. 

Chat Backup 

You can keep a backup copy of all the chats with their messages and various media, and you can backup the chats in the internal storage of the phone as well as on your account on Google Drive. You can select the Google account you want to backup to, as well as choose when to back up, the type of connection, and include or exclude videos. 

Chat history 

You can deal with all chats on WhatsAppcollectively, from the settings of chats you can access the chat history to do several things, such as archive all chats, or clear the content of all chats and make them empty. As well as deleting all chats permanently, and one of the chats can be exported via Bluetooth and others to any other phone. 

Control notifications on WhatsApp 

When you use WhatsApp, you will receive a lot of notifications, and you can customize the appearance of these notifications to the way you prefer, as there are options for notifications of private chats, groups, and calls. It is possible to choose the tone of the notifications, the way the phone vibrates, activate or stop the pop-up notifications, as well as the color of the flash in the phone if it supports it. 

Storage and data

WhatsAppprovides comprehensive statistics about your use in the past period.  You can find out a lot of information about the use of the network, such as the number of outgoing and incoming messages, the size of media and status, the number and size of calls, as well as the amount of data that you consumed in each chat separately with its order by size. 

Media auto-download 

You can control the type of media you want to download automatically when it reaches you in chats, and there are special options while using mobile data, connected via Wi-Fi or when roaming. Select what you want to download automatically such as photos, audio, videos, and documents, knowing that audio recordings are downloaded automatically in any case. 

Download WhatsApp for other systems 

As we mentioned previously, WhatsAppis available on all smartphone systems and computers, and this helped the app to spread widely among users, so whatever device you use, you can use WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp for iPhone 

WhatsAppiPhone has the same features as the Android system, with some differences in the interface design, the method, the main tabs that appear at the bottom, the way notifications are displayed, settings, and other matters related to the interface. You can download WhatsAppfor iPhone and see all its features by clicking on the link Download WhatsAppfor iPhone. 

Download WhatsApp for PC 

There are several ways to use WhatsAppon computers:

  • Download WhatsApp for PC

    There is a special WhatsApp program for computers running on Windows or Mac, and you can download and install it on your device from the following link Download WhatsApp for PC.
  • Download WhatsApp from Windows Store

    If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can download WhatsAppfrom the Windows Store, the Store's app has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, and you can download it by clicking on the link Download WhatsApp from the Windows Store.
  • Using WhatsApp Web

    It is the service that we talked about earlier in this review, which can be accessed via any internet browser on your device by going to the following link: Go to the WhatsApp Web service.

There are not many differences between using WhatsApp through its own program or through the WhatsApp Web service. WhatsApp Web service can be accessed from any system and at any time without the need to download any program, while the WhatsApp program for the computer sends notifications in a better way without the need to activate it from the browser. 

Modded WhatsApp apps 

There are many modded apps that have spread among users under different names such as WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Blue, WhatsApp Gold, and other names, and you should know that all these apps were modified by people and were not designed by the official WhatsAppcompany. 

Is it safe to use modded WhatsApp apps? 

It cannot be said that the modded WhatsAppapps are safe to use. Being modified by an unknown source makes the possibility of them spying on your data and stealing it, these apps are not present on Google Play Store, and it is known that apps in Google Play Store have all been checked and are safe to use. 

Differences in modded WhatsApp apps 

In fact, these modded apps have additional features that are not present in the official WhatsAppapp, which many users desperately want, such as hiding the last seen in chats while knowing the last seen of others, the ability to upload status photos, and sending a large number of photos simultaneously and other things. 

WhatsApp features

  • Easy to register

    WhatsAppis characterized by easily to register process, all you need is only an active phone number, and there is no need for an email or password, just enter the phone number and select a verification method to ensure that you actually own the phone number via text messages or by calling your number.
  • End-to-end encryption 

    Chats on WhatsAppare protected with complete and secure encryption from end to end, this means that the decryption keys are on the phone for both parties to the chat, and no other party, even WhatsApp, can see the messages sent between the two parties to the chat.
  • Supports all kinds of media

    On WhatsApp, you will be able to share media of all kinds, whether photos or videos, as well as audio files and instant audio recordings, do not forget location and contact information, in addition to files of various types, emojis, and many stickers.
  • Edit photos before sharing them

    Before sharing photos in chats, you can edit them with a set of tools, you can add texts in any part of the image, as well as freehand drawing on the photo, or add various stickers such as time, location, arrows, and circles to identify important parts and others.
  • Free calls

    WhatsApp supports making free online calls, whether it is voice calls or video calls. There is a separate tab to view the history of previous calls to facilitate the process of making calls with the parties you communicate with frequently.
  • Control media download 

    The media that you receive in chats is automatically downloaded to the phone, but you can still control what is downloaded automatically and make the rest manually. There are many options for automatic download when you are connected via Wi-Fi or when you connect via mobile data.
  • Broadcast

    This feature is very suitable for people who communicate with several chats at the same time, such as private advertising messages or weekly or annual congratulatory messages, and others, and you can create a broadcast and choose the contacts who will receive your message, with the ability to name the broadcast.
  • Daily status

    You can share photos and texts in status to tell your friends about your happy moments or any other topic. You can also view friends’ status and interact with them in a private chat. When you share your status, you can control your status's privacy and who can view your status.
  • Notification control

    Because of the large number of notifications you receive when using WhatsApp, you can change the notifications to suit your own style of use, whether in private chats, in groups, or in calls, such as choosing the appropriate notification tone, activating or disabling vibrations, as well as the ability to display notifications in a pop-up window.
  • Delete sent messages

    One of the distinctive features of WhatsAppis deleting sent messages. Sometimes we send some messages to contacts by mistake, but with this feature, you will be able to delete messages before the other party can read them, and this feature applies to groups as well.
  • Stared messages

    A nice feature that allows users to keep messages in chats such as important numbers, documents, and others in a special section, instead of losing the message among hundreds of other messages in the chat, and you can mark any message with an asterisk so that it is easier for you to find it later in the starred messages section.
  • Privacy 

    WhatsApp deals with very private information of users, so there are many options related to protection and privacy, which allow users to hide some information from their contacts on their phone, in addition to the possibility of activating the two-step verification feature for more security when logging in. 

Messenger shortcomings

  • The photo cannot be shared in the original size

    When you share photos in private chat or groups, WhatsAppautomatically reduces the size of the photo, and you will notice that the details of the sent photo are less clear than the photo on the phone before sending, and you cannot share high-quality photos as they are.
  • Does not support live stickers in the camera

    WhatsAppcamera does not have the capabilities of the cameras of other chat apps such as Snapchat, Messenger, and others. You will not find the feature of live stickers that recognize the face and transform it into many fun forms that can be shared with friends, perhaps in the future, we will see this beautiful feature in the app.
  • Restrict the number of group members

    It is one of the restrictions imposed on users on WhatsAppwith regard to groups, as the app allows only 256 members in the group, and no new member can be added when the number is complete, unlike other apps such as Telegram, which allows thousands of members to join the group.
  • Does not support group calls

    Group call is a nice feature for friends or family, but on WhatsApp, you cannot make calls with more than one person, and we expect this feature to be added in the upcoming updates to the app.
  • It does not support automatic-deleting messages

    WhatsAppdoes not support the automatic-deleting feature of messages, which is a message that is sent to the other party that automatically deletes itself after reading it for a period of time that you specify, and it is a popular feature on many chat apps such as Messenger, for example.

Additional information

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  • Last update
  • Downloads
  • License
  • Size
  • Requires
    Android 2.1+

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