Lantern: Open Internet for All

Lantern: Open Internet for All

Unblocks censored websites, games and apps


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Lantern Better than a VPN opens all blocked apps, games, websites, and services, as it bypasses the ban by your Internet service provider, and protects your identity and data from being tracked and stolen.

The good
Easy to use and has no complications.
Free plan provides 500MB per month for quick use.
Smart server selection feature to ensure the best speed and service.
The bad
Not possible to manually change the server location you are connected to.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN Dependent Apps

In some countries, governments block some websites and apps that do not comply with their policies, so many users cannot use these apps normally due to the ban.

Therefore, there are many apps that provide VPN services to help users to access these websites, apps, and games for free, and access them without limits.

The benefits of using a VPN app

There are many benefits to using VPN apps, both for normal usage and unblocking apps.

One of the most important usages of VPN is when you connect to the Internet from open public networks, such as hotel networks, public libraries, etc., where your personal data becomes vulnerable to hacking, so you should always encrypt data through the use of VPN-dependent apps.

Lantern service

Lantern is one of the best VPN apps that facilitate access to blocked apps and services in any country.

It offers users a very fast and free VPN service to access any app. It does not require any registration and you can just open it and start browsing.

The app gives each user about 500 MB per month, at a very high speed, with the best VPN servers currently available, and after the user's balance expires, he/she can continue using the app, but at a lower speed. The best servers available to the user are always automatically chosen to ensure high speed and stability.

You can also use Outline VPN app for Android, which provides high-level identity and privacy protection to the user during connection and is considered one of the best proxy apps to access blocked games, sites, and apps.

Connect and use the app

When you open the app, the Start button will appear directly in the center of the screen. Turn on the button to establish the secure VPN connection directly.

The color of the app interface will change when the connection with the server is established, and at the top appears the icon of the server and the country to which it is currently connected.

You can also monitor the amount of data you used when you connected to the app, and from the side menu, you can activate the encryption of all data sent and received to your phone, or disable it to encrypt data for blocked apps, services, and sites only.

Features of Lantern Better than a VPN

  • A great app to unblock all apps, services, and websites.
  • Bypasses your service provider's firewall.
  • Easy to use without complications and does not require any registration.
  • Automatically choose the ideal server when connecting to ensure the best speed and service.
  • Each user is given 500MB credit per month.
  • Can be used at lower speeds after the credit expires.
  • Protects your data and identity from theft when you connect to the Internet from public networks.
  • Encrypts all user data or encrypts only blocked app data.

Download the app to open blocked websites, apps, games, and online services in your country, Lantern Better than a VPN 7.6.15 (20231019.000631) in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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    7.6.15 (20231019.000631)
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    5.0 and up