Zombie Hunter King

Zombie Hunter King

Zombie shooting game


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Zombie shooting game
Zombie Hunter King is an action-packed shooting game with simple controls and outstanding graphics and sound effects. Download Zombie Hunter King APK now by clicking the download button on this page.

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No alternatives found for this operating system!

Comparison Table

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DescriptionPrepare your monsters army and destroy the zombiesThe second part of plants against zombies.Protect your brain against waves of hungry Zombies!Taking down criminals with a sniper rifleDefend the city against hordes of zombiesZombie shooting game
The good
                        • The gameplay interface has become wider.
                        • Multiple characters are available.
                        • Diverse levels and eras.
                        • Improved gameplay difficulty.
                        • Awesome graphics.
                        • Different playing modes and characters.
                        • Mini games.
                          • Great graphics.
                          • Great gameplay experience.
                          • The ability to purchase and develop weapons.
                                              • Several game rules in survival mode.
                                              • Ability to unlock characters, customizations and allied characters.
                                              • Simple and intuitive gameplay.
                                              • Easy controls.
                                              • Different zombie characters.
                                              • Three different playing modes.
                                                          The bad
                                                                                • The game consumes battery and device resources.
                                                                                • It's somewhat heavy on older devices' resources.
                                                                                • The game has a relatively large file size.
                                                                                • Some characters can only be purchased with real money.
                                                                                • The game is short.
                                                                                • Only one boss ( Dr. Zomboss) at the end of the game.
                                                                                  • The constant display of annoying ads.
                                                                                                      • The game is missing a story in multilevel mode.
                                                                                                      • Too many ads in the free version.
                                                                                                      • The player is forced to watch ads in the middle of the game.
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