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The famous Facebook Messenger application for iPhone, one of the most popular chat applications globally, providing text, voice, and video chat, and is based on the power of the Facebook social network.

The good
Create stories containing photos and short video clips that disappear automatically after 24 hours.
Have conversations with people as soon as their phone numbers are saved in your phone's address book.
Integrated group games that can be enjoyed with your friends in chat.
Allows knowing the time of receiving and reading your messages.
The ability to forward messages or photos to people not present in the conversation.
The bad
Uses device resources greedily causing a large consumption of battery.
Requires more than 200 megabytes of storage space.
The application requests many permissions during installation.
Synchronization problem where message notifications appear even after reading them from another device.
Requires iOS 8.0 or later operating system.
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Ibrahim Abdul-Hakim
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The Facebook Messenger application for iPhone allows you to communicate with your friends easily, enabling text chats, sending files, photos, and videos easily, making clear voice calls, and high-quality video calls for free, and all these features have made Messenger one of the most distinctive and widespread chat applications.

Facebook Messenger application features for iPhone

  • Ease of use, and its interfaces are available in several languages, including Arabic.
  • Supports conducting text chats and using emoticons (emoji) and stickers to express your feelings easily.
  • Allows making free HD voice and video calls directly with ease with friends when an internet connection is available.
  • Sending photos, audio recordings, and videos in addition to files instantly.
  • Supports group chat through group conversations.
  • Posting stories and viewing your friends' stories that were recently published on Messenger.
  • You can know friends currently connected to the application and active in real time.
  • Dealing with messages from non-friends allows the user the option to reply to messages received from non-friends or ignore them.
  • Sending the map to any geographic location, where you can suggest a meeting place and notify your friends instantly and many other things by activating the know my location option.
  • Knowing when your messages are delivered and when they are read.
  • Ease of customization and control in the application's appearance in terms of colors and changing people's names for easy identification.
  • A range of fantastic integrated games that can be played and enjoyed collectively with friends during chat.
  • Ability to control notifications in the application (close / turn on).

Advantages of the Facebook Messenger application for iPhone

Facebook Messenger stands out from other chat services with some features, including sharing photos and short video clips in stories that disappear automatically after 24 hours, and having conversations with people as soon as their phone numbers are saved in your phone's address book, and forwarding messages and attachments to any other user.

You can quickly access any conversation by creating a shortcut on the phone's main screen, and also not needing to have an email when installing and using the Messenger application as it suffices to enter the user's phone number, and one of the most fun additions that give the application a fun character is the ability to control the number of likes in the chat and also interact and like any message within the conversation.

The application Messenger 456.1.0 is free and available for download in the latest version by clicking the download button on the page, where you will be transferred to the application page on the App Store then you will be able to install it on your device easily.

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