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Telegram Messenger for iOS is one of the best in its category of apps. Especially famous for its security features and unlimited size of media and files that can be sent.

The good
Awesome design and Easy to use.
Groups and channels features.
Available across many platforms.
Unlimited files and media size.
Secure and reliable.
The bad
Video chat is not available.
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Ammar Kurd
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Telegram Messenger is a multi-platform app it has versions for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and online (chrome extension is also available). Beside its unlimited size of media and files it has many features such as groups, channels, delete messages, edit messages, self destruct messages and chats lock with a passcode.

Signing-up to Telegram Messenger

To sign-up to telegram you need a valid phone number for verification, then fill basic information and upload a profile picture. After you complete your registration you can explore the app and its different settings. Telegram will automatically sync all your contacts who have installed Telegram as well.

Chat tab

All the current and previous chats are available on the chat tab, to start a new chat just click on the contact and start messaging and sharing files and media of unlimited sizes, unlike other instant messaging like Facebook and Whatsapp that limit file size to only 50MB.


Telegram allows for the creation of groups to easily exchange ideas and expertise on a large scale. The number of a single group can be up to 100,000 members, that number is unmatched compared to other instant messaging apps (ex: Whatsapp allows for 256 members in a single group).

A Telegram user can create a group with a name and a profile picture for the group then add members from his contacts. The group has many privacy features that can be set up by the group admins.


Beside groups Telegram has another way to share information or promote products through the creation of channels, this is very useful for content creators, bloggers, celebrities, public figures, and business owners. You can create your channel and invite people to subscribe to it then people can hear the latest news about your products right through Telegram.

Telegram Messenger for iOS features

  • Simple and easy to use UI.
  • High level of security with end-to-end encryption.
  • Text and voice messaging.
  • Groups and channels feature available.
  • Unlimited size of files and media can be sent.
  • Secret chats and self destruct messages.
  • Chat lock with a passcode.

Download the latest version of Telegram Messenger 10.14 for iPhone right here in Downzen, just click on the download button above.

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