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Google Photos

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Google Inc.

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Google Photos is a cloud-based photo sharing and storage service run by Google, the service allows users to upload their photos, arrange them in albums, do some basic editing and share them with others.

The good
Unlimited storage capacity.
Arrange photos into albums.
Create GIFs.
Create movies.
The bad
Does not support listing the photos according to the upload date.
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Ammar Kurd
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Google Photos is an awesome service to store your photos in the cloud so that they become available to you anywhere at any time. Sharing Albums with friends and family is also simplified by the service, you can create an album and share it with all your friends with one click.

The service also offers other features such as:

  1. Edit photos, where you can apply color filters, crop and rotate and perform basic adjustments.
  2. Create a photo book.
  3. Create animations as GIFs.
  4. Create movies, as a collection of photos in video format.
  5. Create collages, a collection of photos grouped in one photo.

Visit Google Photos today to start using this awesome service, just click the visit button above.

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