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Chrome Web Store

Free extensions to Google Chrome

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Get extensions for your Chrome browser from Chrome Web Store. The store contains a myriad of extensions that ranges from themes to productivity enhancements.

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Ability to search for extensions based on ratings or category.
You can rate and review extensions.
Well categorized.
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Does not have the latest extensions section.
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Ammar Kurd
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Chrome Web Store makes it easy for you to customize your browser, add new functionalities, and enhance your browsing experience.

The store has two major sections, which are:

  1. Extensions.
  2. Themes.

The extensions section has many categories such as Accessibility, Blogging, By Google, Developer Tools, Fun, News & Weather, Photos, Productivity, Search Tools, Shopping, Social & Communication, and Sports.

The themes section lets you customize the look and feel of the Chrome browser, the themes are categorized into two either by artists or by Google.

Chrome Web Store features

  • Comprehensive extensions and themes store to customize and enhance the Chrome browser.
  • Well categorized.
  • Ability to filter search results based on category or ratings.
  • Editor's picks for the recommended extensions.
  • Rate and review extensions.

Visit Chrome Web Storetoday to explore all the extensions you can add to your Chrome browser, just click the visit button above.

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