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Create a free blog easily without any coding experience with Blogger, the free blogging service run by Google. The blog can have a free subdomain that ends with "" or a paid domain from any domain name provider.

The good
Free webhosting.
Free domain name.
Does not require any coding or design skills.
Simple and easy to use.
The bad
Limited control over the blog.
Limited themes.
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Ammar Kurd
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    Creating a blog with Blogger is very easy, the set-up is fast and simple, all you need to do is to focus on creating your content. But with ease comes limitations, there are not much you can do about the design of your blog and you are limited by what Google allows you to do.

    But even with the limitations, Blogger is not a bad start at all for a newcomer to the world of blogging or even for a seasoned one who wants to make something simple. Blogger has many features that make it ideal for newcomers such as

    1. Does not require any coding or design skills.
    2. No need to worry about hosting, in fact, if you don't know what "hosting" means then Blogger is for you.
    3. Free domain name, Blogspot is bundled with Blogger to provide a free domain name for you that ends with "".
    4. Simple blog management, it is super easy to manage Blogger blogs.
    5. Easy to see blog impact and page views with "Stats".
    6. Blog customizations with "Widgets".
    7. Easily integrated with Google ad service "Adsense", this makes it possible for blog owners to make money by running ads in their blogs.

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