Duplicate Files Finder

Duplicate Files Finder

Locate duplicate files

Matthias Boehm

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Duplicate Files Finder is a free Windows program to search for duplicate files in any folder on your disk. Download Duplicate Files Finder now by clicking the download button on this page.

The good
Simple user interface.
Ability to save the results.
The bad
No option for automatically deleting duplicate files.
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Ammar Kurd
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Duplicate Files Finder user interface is very simple with minimal options and no extra tools. The first thing you need to do is enter the path of the folder from the Directory field, next you can edit a few options, which are:

  • Exclude.
  • Include.
  • Maximal file size.
  • Minimal file size.
  • Subdir.
  • Hidden files.
  • Empty files.

After that add the path to the list by clicking on the Add button. You will be able to add more than one folder to the list. When the list is complete click on Go! to start searching for duplicate files.

Duplicate Files Finder features

  • Free program.
  • Simple and direct user interface.
  • Compares between files byte by byte.
  • Returns results faster than other tools. This is because it first sorts the files based on their size, then begins to compare files of equal size, but drops the comparison as soon as a difference is found between any two files.
  • Supports both hard links and symbolic links.
  • Delete files or create links for duplicate files right from the program interface.
  • Ability to specify search limits such as maximum and minimum file size, search hidden files, and search in subdirectories.
  • Ability to save the result in a text file.

Download Duplicate Files Finder for Windows

Get the latest version of Duplicate Files Finder 0.8.0 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page. To obtain the program for Linux, visit the official website.

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