The popular coding language Python 3


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The famous programming language, Python 3, is an easy language for everyone and is used in various fields, and one of the best languages in terms of capabilities, and it is used by major companies such as Google and NASA.

The good
Powerful, easy, and tidy programming language.
Supports all operating systems.
Used in wide fields.
Used in a huge learning community.
The bad
It could be somewhat slow in programming desktop apps.
There are versions of Python, Python 2 and Python 3.
The new versions of Python 3.5 and up don't work on Windows XP.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Why Python 3.12.1 language?

Simply because Python programming language is the simplest and the easiest in terms of readability of the code, Python forces you to arrange your code by making spaces for the nested code instead of the parentheses that we know in other known programming languages. We always forget a parenthesis here or there, or we don't know this parenthesis follows any code or any scoop, which may take time to identify the error, but simply, the Python language has arranged your code without the need for parentheses, all you have to do is see the spacing in the arranged code previously.

High-level programming language

Despite how simple the Python language is, it is giant beyond expectations. It is used for scientific research, space research, server management, mathematics, device management, game programming, mobile app programming, and websites, including Downzen, which is fully programmed with the most powerful website programming techniques, Python Django, which is a small library that you add to Python and simply can program sites in hours or sometimes a few minutes. Python also supports object-oriented programming or OOP.  

There are thousands of available online libraries for Python which help you to do the hardest programming works fast in the time it takes you to drink your coffee.

For example, Turtle library, enables users to create pictures and shapes by providing them with a virtual canvas, which is helpful to children and beginners.

Python is open-source

This language has many derivatives that astonish the mind. For example, if you are a fan of the C/C++ language, you can program in Python and then export the file in the form of C/C++ in Cpaython or Cython. It is exactly the same language as Python, with a very slight difference. In addition, if you are a fan of Java, Jython will export the file in Java format while you program it in Python. But what if you are a fan of the Visual Studio .NET languages provided by Microsoft, well, no problem, there is IronPython, which makes you work in the .NET environment and exports files in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET format.

Python is not only for programmers

As the famous marketing saying says “Programming for everyone.” The idea of ​​the Python programming language when it was invented was that “Programming for everyone of all ages", major languages ​​could benefit from it by shortening the codes into short sentences that are easy to memorize and without complication in the prearranged code, and many codes which are only useful for messing up the code were dispensed, you will find the Python code twice smaller than any programming language you have known in your life, and this is not bragging, and you can search the Internet to make sure of that.

When we say that the giant programming language Python 3 is for everyone, we mean everyone literally, as it is taught in the United States as an official programming language in schools and universities as well as Korea and Russia have noticed the power of the programming language that helps everyone in developing solutions that facilitate their jobs.

Python 3 uses in real life (for non-programmers)

  • Used by NGOs in transferring data from a Word file to an Excel file in a certain pattern in writing reports for example.
  • Used by researchers and statisticians to create solutions for scientific experiments and large statistics by organizing data in Diagrams or Flowcharts.
  • Used by electrical and mechanical engineers in including it in Microcontrollers, Raspberry, or Arduino as it serves as C / C++. 
  • Used by the military in battles analysis through a special analytic library.  
  • And many more.

Python 3 usages in real life (for programming specialists)

  • Used in websites programming
  • Used asservices for server programming.
  • Used in desktop software programming via interfaces such as QT, GTK, and Tkinter.
  • Used in game programming.

Examples for Python 3 success in Websites

  • for downloading free programs and apps

Examples for Python 3 success in Desktop programs

  • The multi-purpose electronic reminder program Anki.
  • The popular torrent client BitTorrent.
  • Dropbox program.
  • Miro program to watch channels online.

Examples for Python 3 success in Games

  • Disney's Toontown Online
  • Battlefield 2.
  • Frets on Fire.
  • World of Tanks.

Popular programs that use Python codes in their development

  • Blender 3D
  • Cinema 4D
  • And many more

Python package usually comes with a Python-specific text editor called IDLE with the possibility of coding through the DOS terminal and the ability to use other editors such as Notepad++. Get the latest version of the famous Python 3.12.1 from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on this page.

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