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Scratch 2

Teaching coding for children and beginners

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

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Scratch 2 is very useful to teach kids and beginners basic programming concepts without writing code using drag and drop blocks. The program is mainly aimed at children (ages 8 and older) to help them think logically and interact with computers.

The good
Easy to use.
Small size.
Online version is available.
A large community of users.
Supports many languages besides English.
The bad
Games can't be exported to Android.
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Ammar Kurd
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To understand coding languages later, teach coding to young children using Scratch 2 

Scratch 2 is specially made for children or those who have difficulty understanding programming because first of all, it does not need to write any code, it contains building blocks that you drag and place according to a specific sequence that is understandable and easy so that you can program in a blink of an eye. It is configured and simplified in a way that makes you learn it within a few hours to become a future programmer.

It is also preferable to make children get used to coding because coding develops the mind and improves logical and sequential thinking. For this reason, primary schools in many countries of the world chose it to teach the children after witnessing impressive results in improving the way children think. Among these countries, for example, the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, and Brazil, which benefited from the small size of the Scratch program by adding it to a cheap Raspberry Pi device or something similar, as it was originally installed in the Raspberry device, whose price does not exceed 35 dollars, and here is an encouragement for poor countries to introduce this possibility to their schools and homes.

One of the strongest points of Scratch 2 is that those who develop it are the greatest coding minds in the world from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which was ranked the best institute among the 100 most powerful universities in the world, outperforming Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge in 2017, according to Wikipedia.

Scratch service is on different systems and devices

One of the best features provided by the Scratch children's coding service is its availability on several devices and systems. In addition to this program, there is a special version for teaching younger children, which is ScratchJr, which combines drawing and logical coding with a less complex degree. The child can use smartphones or computers to benefit from this service. The ScratchJr application for Android and the ScratchJr program for Windows can be downloaded from our Downzenwebsite in their latest version.

Scratch 2 features:

  • Supports Arabic and many other languages.
  • It uses the drag and drop method for coding.
  • It uses the block or brick coding method, so there is no need to write a line of code.
  • A divided screen into two parts, a software part, and another part for a direct experience of the game without the need to export the file.
  • Export projects and games to the web (Scratch's official website) or to a hard drive.
  • It has a mini painter program for making characters and backgrounds.
  • Supports many characters and graphics as well as various backgrounds that are safe for our children.
  • Supports and connects to the popular LEGO EV3 ROBOT the educational robot.
  • Available for all OS.
  • A copy of Scratch is available online without the need to download it.

Important Note: Before installing Scratch, you must first install Adobe AIR in order to support Scratch running without problems.

It's time for fun learning with Scratch 2, which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the download button at the top. Give your children an opportunity to learn coding and its concepts at an early age.

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